Macro calculated meals to prepare ahead of time. #stayfitmom #macros #macrorecipes #macrofriendly
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30+ Macro Friendly Freezer Recipes Plus Tips

If you’re wanting to save yourself time, utilize your freezer when it comes to meal prep!  Most of the recipes we offer are actually freezer friendly which means you can make ahead, freeze, thaw, warm up and serve!

Most recipes you’ll want to consume between 1 and 3 months after freezing.  You can freeze your meals in glass containers, good quality freezer bags, reusable silicone containers, or plastic wrap.  Avoid freezing previously frozen foods.

Macro friendly meals to prepare ahead of time. #stayfitmom #mealprep #macrofriendlyrecipes #macrorecipes

Tips for freezing food:

  • Squeeze as much air out of the bags as possible.
  • Cool completely before storing.
  • Double layer plastic wrap.
  • Label with recipe name, date, and cooking instructions.
  • Freeze bags flat to save room.
  • Never put glass directly into the oven after freezing (it could shatter).

Stay Fit Mom Freezer Friendly {Macro Friendly} Recipes






The next time you go to make a Stay Fit Mom Recipes favorite, make a double batch and freeze for your next meal to save you loads of time!

Check out our cookbooks to find even more easy freezable macro meals!​​​​​​​

Macro friendly meals to prepare ahead of time. #stayfitmom #mealprep #macrofriendlyrecipes #macrorecipes

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