Monthly Macro Meals

Meal planning for the whole month made easy! Get 20 macro calculated recipes delivered right to your email inbox every single month! All recipes are pre loaded in both Myfitnesspal & the Macrosfirst apps’ food databases for easy logging. You’ll get the current month of meals as soon as you subscribe!

Included Each Month:

  • 12-14 Dinner Recipes
  • 2-4 Side Dishes or Appetizers
  • 1-2 Sweets or Treats
  • 2 Meal Prep Recipes
  • A Monthly Calendar so you can cook right along side us all month long.
  • Weekly Grocery List

4 Brand New Recipes

Get Stay Fit Mom’s newest family style recipes in the Monthly Macro Meals first! All other recipes included for the month come from the website, cookbooks, and Ninja Insider exclusive archives. Each month includes all 20 full recipes.

High Protein Recipes

Our subscribers don’t struggle to hit their daily protein goals! Easily program our meals into your food diary and adjust the serving sizes as needed. Because everyone has different macro nutritional needs, you can fill your day with additional servings or snacks.

Recipes Serve 5+ People

Feeding your family macro friendly, balanced meals has never been easier! Cook easy, delicious meals the whole family loves and still reach your fitness goals. Recipes serve 5 or more and can easily be doubled or used as meal prep.

Pre Logged in the Apps

Easily find all Monthly Macro Meal recipe in the Myfitnesspal and Macrosfirst app by searching the food database for, “Stay Fit Mom” followed by the recipe title. Adjust the serving size to 1 gram and easily adjust your portion sizes to fit your macro needs.

Easy to Find Ingredients

Krista does most her shopping at the neighborhood Walmart. Most ingredients can be found at your own Walmart or local grocery store!

Planning Made Easy

Get a head start on planning meals for the coming month! New meal plans go out to subscribers the 25th of every month. This means on July 25th you’ll get the new meal plan for August.

Note: Meals include all food groups, gluten, and dairy. Nutrition information for any substitutions made to suit your individual needs not provided. 

Individual Months available for purchase HERE.