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  • Stay Fit Mom compares macro counting to Ramsey's financial plan.

    Budget Your Food, Change Your Life

    The More Than Macros Retreat was a big gamble for us.  We were already stretched very thin.  Krista and I were drowning in client check-ins.  Balancing work life with family life was…

  • The My Macro journal includes macro cheat sheets, monthly calendars, pages for breakfast, lunch and dinner charting, shopping lists, as well as 12 weeks worth of daily entries for biofeedback, health goals, notes, and more.
    Macro Counting, Meal Plan

    My Macro Journal

    Writing has unlocked a world for me I never thought was possible.  Ideas are constantly swarming around in my head, but Writing. Them. Down. is the bridge that turns my somedays and…

  • The hard truth about self love.
    Mom Life

    Self(less) Love

    Krista’s got another recipe in the blog queue and told me she wouldn’t put it up until I wrote a post. “Maybe write a post about self love or self care?” She…

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    Screen Free Summer

    First let me start by saying my kids are NOT having a screen-free summer. If you watch my stories on Instagram at all, you know that survival is the number one goal…

  • Stay Fit Mom Staff
    Macro Counting

    Meet the Stay Fit Mom Macro Coaches

    At Stay Fit Mom we believe our coaching staff is second to none.  Each coach has been extensively trained to implement the Stay Fit Mom macro nutrition program which has yielded our…

  • The truth about gossip from
    Mom Life, Uncategorized

    Want the Juicy Gossip?

    There was a time in my life when I believed you weren’t on the “inside” unless you knew the “inside scoop” about everybody.  For a long time I had a FALSE sense of…

  • The Stay Fit Moms #stayfitmom

    Betting All of Our Chips

    I don’t envision myself lying on my death bed wishing I had built more social media empires.  In fact, a few weeks ago I was with a group of women discussing what…

  • Macros aren't for me by Stay Fit Mom.

    Macros Aren’t For Me

    The bottom line is our nutrition program isn’t for everyone. It’s extremely effective and produces incredible results, but it’s not easy.  Weighing, measuring, and logging your food intake can seem burdensome and…