Copycat Twisted sugar cookie recipe. These are so good! #coconutlime #sugarcookierecipe #sugarcookie
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Coconut Lime Sugar Cookies

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My taste buds exploded when Twisted Sugar came to town and I tried their famous Twisted Sugar cookie for the first time. The combination of the sweet frosting with the fresh lime squeezed on top is so good! It’s a little messy, but I love it! If you don’t have Twisted Sugar near you don’t worry, this recipe is so similar and a must try!

The best tasting coconut lime sugar cookies!! Sooo good. #coconutlime #sugarcookierecipe #stayfitmom #cookierecipe

These are very similar to the Pink Frosted Sugar Cookies but with a coconut lime flare. I’ve been on a coconut kick for some time now and I just can’t stop! Have you ever had a Diet Coke with sugar free coconut and fresh limes?? I also learned of this combo from Twisted Sugar and I get it at every drink stop I visit now. No going back!

The best tasting coconut lime sugar cookies!! Sooo good. #coconutlime #sugarcookierecipe #stayfitmom #cookierecipe

You guys know I love freezing cookies. You can make the dough and freeze in cookie dough balls to defrost and bake later. Or you can freeze the frosted cookies and pull out for a dinner party at a later date. Just throw on the fresh limes before your guests arrive!

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The best tasting coconut lime sugar cookies!! Sooo good. #coconutlime #sugarcookierecipe #stayfitmom #cookierecipe

Like with any cookie recipe, the secret is to NOT over cook them. In fact, you will question if they’re done baking or not when you go to pull them out. They will harden up a bit as they cool, I promise!

These coconut lime sugar cookies are to die for!! Sooo good. #coconutlime #sugarcookierecipe #stayfitmom #cookierecipe

I’ll be honest with you all, I didn’t recalculate the macros for these. They’re so similar to the Pink Frosted Cookies that I didn’t bother and just went with those macros. All cookies in general are so similar. If you’re tracking your macros what’s important is you weigh your cookie before you eat it. So if your cookie weighs 50g, log 50 grams of this recipe in your food diary. The recipe is in MyFitnessPal per gram, which makes it easy!

The best tasting coconut lime sugar cookies!! Sooo good. #coconutlime #sugarcookierecipe #stayfitmom #cookierecipe

I hope you love them! Let me know if you try them!

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