Meet the Stay Fit Moms!

Welcome to Stay Fit Mom!  We are honored that you are joining us on our ongoing journey to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  This is no easy task for us.  We are both women who have struggled with our own weight and body image. We have a passion for making health and fitness ACCESSIBLE and DOABLE for the BUSY moms who barely make it through the day without a meltdown.  Why?  Because we are those moms. 

Tracy Gifford

Hi there! I’m Tracy Gifford, and for nearly a decade, I’ve proudly co-owned and operated Stay Fit Mom. Leading a dedicated team of 15+ individuals, I’m deeply invested in our community and an advocate for overall health and wellness.

My passion lies in helping fellow mothers reclaim their nutrition, health and fitness while empowering them to thrive in all aspects of life. Armed with 10 years of experience, certifications in nutrition coaching and a master’s degree in educational administration, I bring a unique skill set to the incredibly talented team that we have.

On the personal front, I am blessed to have married my high school sweetheart 18 years ago. I’m a proud mother of six. We have three biological boys and adopted a sibling set of three in the fall of 2023. We are navigating the beautiful chaos of big family life as we work side by side for Stay Fit Mom at our home in the scenic panhandle of Florida. 

In our downtime, you’ll often find us enjoying boating adventures, walking our dogs, tackling CrossFit workouts at home, and heavily involved in our small town community. 

Through my roles as a wife, mother, businesswoman and community leader, I strive to honor God and use the gifts He has blessed me with for big Kingdom work.

Krista Pool

Hi! I’m Krista Pool and well known for meal prepping in the little glass bowls. I’m here to make meal prep, and feeding your family macro balanced meals, easy! I’ve had a love for cooking and exercise since I was a young girl. I’m a wife, mom of 3, co-owner of Stay Fit Mom, and former physical education teacher. I know what It’s like to be busy and juggle multiple things! I love sharing simple, delicious recipes the whole family can enjoy. Together we can ditch the drive thrus and bring back home cooked meals!

Some of my favorite things in life include Diet Coke, Crossfit, pickleball, traveling with my family in our RV, spending summer days at the beach, and enjoying good quality food. In my free time I love to make sour dough, read, binge watch a good TV series, or just hang out with family.  Life is all about balance and that is what I try to maintain in my life and home. 

Tracy and Krista have been friends for over 15 years.  Their friendship started their freshman year at Las Vegas High School on the volleyball team!  Since then they have trained on and off together on the volleyball court and in the gym, traveled together, and supported each other through major life events like college, teaching, marriage, and babies.  While they share similar life situations, their personality types and talents are quite different.  Krista’s creative and thoughtful demeanor is a compliment to Tracy’s extroverted, go getter personality.  They look forward to continuing to share their talents and stories with for another 10+ years!