DadBod Men’s Macro Coaching

Let our experienced macro coaches help you reach your weight loss, health, strength, and performance goals. Get real, sustainable results using macro counting. New clients start the first of every month, with the exception of December. See below for more info about our men’s macro coaching program, Dadbod.

What You’ll Get When You Start the Dadbod 1-on-1 Coaching Program:

Your Own Coach

You will be assigned your very own coach to be accountable to for 6 weeks. Your coach will set and adjust your macros every single week as needed.

Starting Macro Count

You will fill out a detailed questionnaire for your coach before starting the program. Based on your questionnaire answers and the information you provide, your coach will assign you a custom set of macros to begin with. Your coach will email you your starting set of numbers within 72 hours of completing the questionnaire.

Macro Counting Handbook

A helpful guide for getting started with macro counting and our Dadbod program. It includes things like, how to complete your new client questionnaire, how to set your macros in Myfitnesspal, macro basics, helpful cheat sheets, and more!

Weekly Check-Ins & Macro Adjustments

Each week you’ll receive a new link via email to your weekly check in. Your coach will provide you with helpful feedback, macro adjustments, and guidance within 24 hours.

Access to Your Coach Via Email

You’ll have a direct line to your coach via email.

Plenty of Macro Calculated Recipes

You’ll be auto enrolled in our Monthly Macro Meal subscription and get 20 macro calculated recipes delivered right to your email inbox every single month for the duration of your coaching session. Dinner recipes, side dishes or appetizers, treats, and 2 meal prep recipes. All recipes are pre loaded in both Myfitnesspal & the Macrosfirst apps’ food databases for easy logging.

Returning Client Discount

Once you complete your 6 week coaching session you’ll have to opportunity to continue working with your coach at a discounted rate. Monthly and Quarterly billing options available.

If Dadbod macro coaching sounds like a good fit for you, register HERE.

Meet the Coaches of Dadbod

Bryan Schwartz

Men’s Dadbod Coach Hired 2024

Bryan and his wife became Stayfitmom and Dadbod clients back in 2017, and have been tracking their macros ever since.  Originally from Las Vegas, Bryan  and his wife recently moved to Arizona with their new baby and two dogs.  They enjoy staying active with hiking, running, biking (Peloton), and CrossFit / strength training.  Bryan loves collecting hobbies, including golf, basketball, guitar, and woodworking.  

Bryan enjoys challenging himself with new fitness goals.  He forces his wife to join him on different races, such as Spartan races and Ragnar relays.  Most recently, they backpacked down to Havasupai Falls with some friends.  

Chad Pool

Men’s Dadbod Coach Hired 2018

Chad has been involved in sports his whole life and has found a way to share it with other people in his life.  Like his wife and co-founder of StayFitMom, Krista, he has also earned his Bachelor Degree in Physical Education.  Along with several years of experience coaching high school athletes, Chad is also a coach at Crossfit Apollo, where he continues to share his love of health to others. 

Although being active throughout his life was a priority, there were times where he began to take on bad habits and gain unwanted weight.  “Sympathy,” weight as he likes to call it, from when his wife was pregnant with their children.  Now that his family is complete, and an acknowledgment that change needed to be made, he lost those habits and continues to work daily to become better. 


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Men's macro coaching
Men's macro coaching