DadBod Men’s Macro Coaching

Meet the faces of DadBod! Stay Fit Mom macro coaching continues to expand and the demand for men’s coaching has been heard! Welcome Chad and Grayson to the macro coaching team!! Learn a little bit more about our men’s coaches and see below for more details about their 6 week coaching program.

Macro Coach Chad- 6 week macro coaching via Stay Fit MomChad has always been involved in sports his whole life and has found a way to share it with other people in his life.  Like his wife and co-founder of StayFitMom, Krista, he has also earned his Bachelor Degree in Physical Education.  Along with several years of experience coaching high school athletes, Chad is also a coach at Crossfit Apollo, where he continues to share his love of health to others.  Although being active throughout his life was a priority, there were times where he began to take on bad habits and gain unwanted weight.  “Sympathy,” weight as he likes to call it, from when his wife was pregnant with their children.  Now that his family is complete, and an acknowledgment that change needed to be made, he lost those habits and continues to work daily to become better.  Be on the lookout for his transformation photos!   We are thrilled to have him on our team as we open our macro coaching to men in our version called Dadbod! 

Macro Coach Grayson- 6 week macro coaching via Stay Fit MomMeet Grayson, also husband to another one of our amazing coaches, Amy!  Grayson, like others in our group also has his Bachelor in Physical Education and is a full time Teacher/Coach at a local high school where he is the Crossfit instructor.  Grayson has a great passion for health and an even greater passion to share his knowledge with others.  You need look no further than the amazing Crossfit and Health program that he built from the ground up.  Having once been overweight himself, Grayson understands the struggles and everyday sacrifices that must be made for change to occur.  Grayson has a love for the outdoors and regularly bikes or snowboards and is now even teaching his young nephews how to shred up the slopes.  We are excited to have him as coach in Dadbod and even more excited to call him a dad!  Just recently Grayson and Amy brought into the world a brand new baby boy!  He’s now officially part of the parenting club.

If you are interested in Macro Coaching (which includes 6 weeks of one-on-one nutrition counseling tailored to your diet, macro adjustments, meal ideas, high levels of accountability and additional support).  DadBod Macro Coaching services are for you! $199 for your first 6 weeks. 

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See some of our Dad Bod transformations below!

Men's macro coaching Men's macro coaching