9 year old girl changes the world through her business.
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9 Year Old Girl Starts Business and Changes the World.

I’ve been talking about the Stay Fit Mom business journey on my instagram stories for about a month now (follow along @stayfitmom_tracy and you can hear me spill my guts on the regular). Truth be told, every single day I am baffled by it’s growth. I am amazed that our humble motives and big dreams have somehow turned into a profitable business that has helped so many women.

Yes, we work hard, we certainly do, but there are so many nights my head hits the pillow and I ask God why. I am underserving. I didn’t go to school to learn business, nutrition, or social media based marketing. I was “just” a stay- at- home mom that once felt overwhelmed and utterly inadequate, and in so many ways I am still very much that same girl.

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Everything you need to know about staying in Big Bear Lake with your family!
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Kid Friendly Big Bear Lake

I’m Vegas born and raised and almost a little embarrassed to say that after 33 years, I finally took my very first trip to Big Bear! I fell in LOVE with the cooler temperatures, beautiful scenery, and most of all, that I could experience all of this in a less than a four hour road trip!

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Macro Counting

Back to School 6 Week Challenge

It’s back to school time! Creating new schedules and establishing routines is what this time of year is all about. Why not set some new Fall goals and create some healthier habits? Join us starting Sept. 3rd for 6 weeks and see how much you can accomplish!

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Family friendly trip to Zion by StayFitMom.com.
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Family Friendly Zion National Park Trip

My family has been traveling to Zion National Park for years. I have been over a dozen times and EVERY time I go the beauty still takes my breath away.  When I hear of Las Vegas locals or really anybody that lives within driving distance not having made the trip, it’s my number one suggestion.   Being the third most visited national park in all of the U.S., thousands of people from all over the world travel to admire the gorgeous views, exceptional hiking, slot canyons, and river fun!  Just two hours and 40 minutes from Vegas, makes this destination a MUST SEE for the whole family.

Family friendly trip to Zion by StayFitMom.com.
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High protein crepe recipe #stayfitmom #creperecipe #proteincrepe
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Protein Crepes

I didn’t waste any time learning how to make crepes! I got my new Crepe Pro on Friday and immediately began using it. It was really easy to get going and it’s been so much fun! Brett and I are the pros but all my kids are loving it. I’m so glad I found the Crepe Pro and I can’t wait for all the fun creations we’re going to come up with. For now, creating a protein packed crepe was priority number one and I think I’ve nailed it!

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Summer Camping Adventures 2019

I grew up camping, I love to do it. Give me a tent with a sleeping bag and I’m happy as punch. There is just something about the fresh mountain air and the landscape that keeps me going back for more. I don’t even mind the bugs, smelly latrines, or possibility of wild life encounters. You can catch me walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night like it’s no big deal. But just so you all know, Chad is deathly afraid of bears.

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Skinny Chili Con Queso

I’m not sure what it is, but all things Mexican style are in the air! First little Mack’s Coco themed 1st birthday party and ALL the adorable pics flooding Tracy’s Instagram.

Then Perk Energy surprises us with a new Mexican Hot Chocolate! I’m patiently waiting for mine to arrive. Grab yourself some here! Rumor has it it’s delicious! It’s caffeinated like the original, but with a little extra Mexican flare! Don’t forget to use our code: stayfitmom at checkout to get 15% off! Tracy and I both drink Perk every single morning, it’s THAT good. It has collagen in it and has great macros too!

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Stay Fit Mom compares macro counting to Ramsey's financial plan.

Budget Your Food, Change Your Life

The More Than Macros Retreat was a big gamble for us.  We were already stretched very thin.  Krista and I were drowning in client check-ins.  Balancing work life with family life was becoming more and more difficult.  I had to quit my CrossFit coaching job.  We knew we’d have to step out of our comfort zone like never before, expand our staff, and hope and pray that people actually came.  I wish I could tell you my faith never wavered, but ticket sales were slow going.  Our itinerary changed about 37 times, and then when our venue fell through, I questioned whether or not this retreat was what God had called me to do. 

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