Tips for when you can't give macro counting your all.
Macro Counting

How to Make Macros Work for You When You’re Not in a season of 100%.

The macro lifestyle has natural ebbs and flows as our lives have ups and downs. There are times when we have the time and dedication to give it 100%, nail those green days 7/7 and be all in on macros. Then there are those times when life needs us to loosen the reins a bit and we aren’t able to keep that level of intensity.

Family members get sick. Children have tough seasons and need extra attention and resources. Work gets busy. Travel. Vacation. Holidays. You name it, we can come up with something to put in the blank that challenges our commitment to balanced nutrition.

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Sonia, age 53, counting macros after breast cancer.
Client Spotlight, Macro Counting

Finding Macros After Breast Cancer

“I’m a cancer survivor. Can you help me with my nutrition?”

This question shows up in our inbox every so often. The answer is YES. Today, we want to share with you a client spotlight story that will speak so much louder than our own words.

Meet Stay Fit Mom Ninja, Sonia. She’s 53 years old and a breast cancer survivor that is currently working with Coach Laura.

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Tips for staying on track with Macro Counting through the Holiday season.
Macro Counting

Staying On Track with Your Nutrition Through the Holiday Season

Happy Thanksmas! Thanksgiving is fast approaching and pictures of Christmas trees are already showing up on social media. I love this time of year! Family get togethers, parties, cozy fires, turkeys, pies, and all the sides! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It can also be the most challenging time of the year when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Tips for Counting Macros during sickness or grief.
Macro Counting

What to do with Your Macros When You’re Sick or Grieving

Should I track my macros when I’m sick? Will this antibiotic wreck my fat loss plan? I’m grieving and don’t know how to move forward. What do you recommend?

These are all questions our clients have approached us with over the years and we want to share our answers with you.  Today’s culture is BUSY.  Our schedules are full and our to-do lists are never ending. If you are a productivity queen, a “set back” for sickness of any kind can feel frustrating.  Getting sick is never convenient, however sometimes it’s our body’s way of demanding rest and we suggest you adhere to your body’s not so subtle request. Below are our top tips for evaluating your nutrition while sick or grieving. 

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Tips for tracking macros after a break.
Macro Counting

Making a Comeback with Macro Counting

Are you coming off a fun and wild season and ready to become more structured with your nutrition goals?

We’re here to help you re-establish your rhythm. Many of us suffer from an “All or Nothing” mentality. And while that can be beneficial (when you’re in the ‘all’ phase, it’s also detrimental when you’re in the ‘nothing’ phase), especially when it comes to your nutrition!  You have to be in a place to accept failure in order to move forward. If you have a lot of anxiety thinking about getting back to it, because you know you won’t be as good as you were before, these tips are for you! 

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Macro Counting success story; fit before 60
Client Spotlight, Over 50

Macro Counting and Fit Before 60 Years Old

Meet SFM Client Spotlight Diane! This client spotlight is a special one.

Diane is Coach Jamie’s best friend’s mom in fact, she is like a second mother to her!

Because Diane knows Coach Jamie so well, has followed SFM since the very beginning, but only before her 59th birthday did she know she was ready to make and sustain the change. She was determined to end her 50s healthier and fitter and happier than she started them!

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