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Sausage Bean Stew

In honor of Fall, I’m leaking one of our most popular Fall recipes from cookbook 2, Sausage Bean Stew. You can’t go wrong adding this to the menu this week. It’s a slow cooker recipe and so tasty! MyAdd titleIn honor of Fall, I’m leaking one of our most popular Fall recipes from cookbook 2, sausage bean stew. You can’t go wrong adding this to the menu this week. It’s a slow cooker recipe and so tasty! My husband LOVES this one.​​​​​​​

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A realistic look at what your weight should be #stayfitmom #weightloss #macros
Macro Counting

Is Your Goal Weight Realistic?

Have you made awesome progress toward your goals, but still find yourself dissatisfied and chasing a specific number on the scale? 

If you find yourself targeting a specific weight, it is important to take a mental inventory of why you like that weight. We all have weights that we are attached to for a variety of reasons.  ​​​​​​​

  • Wedding Day? Pre-Baby?
  • High School?
  • Started Dating Your Hubby?  
  • Felt your strongest?  
  • Ran your fastest?
  • Competed at your best?
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Meatloaf 2.0

The very first Stay Fit Mom recipe to go viral was meatloaf. Who would have thought? It was pinned A LOT on Pinterest. I wish I could say how many times but I’m not sure how to even find that number anymore. Take my word for it. It was a hit. When it was time for the first SFM cookbook to make it’s debut I decided to give the Easy Paleo Homestyle Meatloaf a makeover. Hence the new name, meatloaf 2.0.

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home workouts that require minimal equipment #stayfitmom #crossfit #homeworkout

Weekly Workout

It’s finally starting to feel like maybe Fall is on the horizon here? At least I keep telling myself that. It’s still over 100 degrees here everyday but the mornings are starting to cool off. Time to take a workout outside! Here’s a good one to give a shot!

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Is counting macros going to work for you? #stayfitmom #macros #trackingmacros
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If Not Macros, then What?

Even though we as coaches preach and feel that macro counting is a sustainable nutrition course, we get clients that need to take a break for various reasons from life events, to financial reasons, seasonal, etc.  When that happens we support our girls during those seasons completely.

That being said, every now and again we get the “macros isn’t for me” or “macros aren’t working for my body” response.

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Coach Virginia’s Favorite Gluten Free Family Recipes

 Hosting family dinners is something that I find myself doing very often, especially during the colder months when we all want to gather around the table, enjoy eachothers company, and eat a warm hearty meal. Most of my family is gluten free, including myself so I have spent a lot of time finding alternatives to the gluten filled foods that we once loved. It is possible to eat a gluten free diet, without sacrificing your favorite dishes! I will go into more detail about this in the next blog post, but for now I would like to share with you one of our favorite southern meals that is always requested by our family and friends. I hope that you invite your friends over, gather around the table, and enjoy this delicious meal with the ones you love. 

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