Macro tips from Stay Fit Mom Coach Amy
Macro Counting

Parting Words of Wisdom From Coach Amy

I’m Coach Amy Gearin and I’ve been coaching with Stay Fit Mom for the past 6 years.  May 31, 2022 I completed my last client check-in as I plan to now devote my full attention to my family and dental practice. Tracy and Krista asked me to give my final pieces of advice as well as the highs and lows of coaching to the community and I’m happy to do so, as it has been such a big part of my life since 2016.

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How to change your mindset for success with macro counting
Macro Counting

Counting Macros is Hard

  • Cooking a healthy meal after a long day of work & kids activities is hard. 
  • Figuring out a time to get to the gym between kids, work, life, etc. is hard.
  • Waking up early to give yourself more time to do what’s necessary for your health is hard.
  • Starting to eat more protein is hard.
  • Eating more veggies and focusing on fiber is hard.
  • Estimating your food at a restaurant is HARD. 
  • Tracking every meal you eat is hard.
  • Getting more steps in is hard.
  • Staying on track on the weekend is hard. 
  • Saying no to alcohol is hard.
  • Meal prepping is hard. 
  • Prioritizing your own nutrition and macros when your kids are sick is hard. 
  • Changing your mindset is hard.
  • Starting ANYTHING new is hard.
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Stay Fit Mom Partners with Hope for the Hungry
Mom Life

Feeding People

At Stay Fit Mom, we spend the majority of our time teaching women the importance of fueling their bodies with enough food.  We consider ourselves to be on the frontlines of preventative healthcare as we work tirelessly to provide clients results that go far beyond fitting into a bathing suit or a new pair of jeans.  In a phrase, we feed people

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Macro Friendly High Protein Ceviche #stayfitmom #ceviche #appetizer
10 ingredients or Less, Dairy Free Macro Recipes, Gluten Free, Macro Friendly Recipes, Recipes, Side Dish

Ten Minute Ceviche

This simplified, ten minute ceviche is hard to beat if you’re looking for something macro friendly to serve before dinner or take to a BBQ this summer. With 6.6 grams of protein per 100 gram serving, it’s easy to fit some into your day. Serve it with some salted Popcorner chips or make your own with some low carb tortillas. I’ll share how to make those below also!

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characteristics of a successful macro counter
Macro Counting

Hell Bent on Macros

When I first started macros with Stay Fit Mom, I was postpartum with a BIG GOAL in front of me. I was focused.  Having a big goal ahead of me made it easier to press in and do the work. 

characteristics of a successful macro counter

Now that I’m in a different season of my journey (maintenance), it can be harder to stay focused long term, especially when you add in the chaos of the stage of life that I’m in.  

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