6 Week Macro Coaching

At Stay Fit Mom we believe our coaching staff is second to none.  Each coach has been extensively trained to implement the Stay Fit Mom macro nutrition program which has yielded our clients incredible results for years.  Every client’s nutrition program is individualized based on the their own specific needs and lifestyle.  The coaches each bring a unique skill set to the team, all while maintaining our highest objective.  We want the best for every single client that steps into our community.  Each coach has personally participated in the Stay Fit Mom nutrition program while seeing remarkable results for themselves.  As you’ll soon read below, our coaches are passionate and enthusiastic about helping others, but they are also parents who are open and honest about their own struggles with balancing health and fitness while raising a family, and it’s this vulnerability that sets us apart.

SPOTS ARE LIMITED.  New groups start the first of every month, with the exception of December.

Why Should you jump on this opportunity?  Because it’s YOUR turn.  Commit to YOURSELF for 6 weeks.  Put YOUR oxygen mask on first, so that you can live the healthy, happy life you deserve!  You can read more about Macro Coaching and why we love it here.

New Client Registration

1 on 1 Coaching $165 for 6 weeks

First time, 1 on 1 coaching clients register here. This coaching group specializes in macro beginners & women new to our community. Weekly check-ins with your own coach, starting macro count, daily how to videos, fast communication, and smaller coach to client ratios.

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Join our community today for $12.99/month

(This does NOT include 1 on 1 coaching)


This group and these coaches are amazing! I've been counting macros with them for over a year and it has been the best decision I ever made! Balanced nutrition, I don't feel like I'm restricted, increased energy, and looking and feeling great! The support and accountability helps keep me on track. ❤️
Anna C.
SFM Client
Stay fit mom was a game changer - So thankful to have found the wonderful support and coaches. It is really a life style change. Best decision ever to join a monthly coaching group.
Amber B.
SFM Client
I started with SFM in September and I just hit a weight I haven’t seen in years! I won’t say it has been easy, but definitely doable. I still enjoy eating out with my friends and never feel hungry or deprived of my favorite things. It is a lifestyle I can stick with. Great program with great coaches! The recipes they share are amazing! Definitely give it a try.
Tanya K.
SFM Client
Joining SFM literally changed my life. After years of limiting myself, working out 6/7 days, always feeling hungry, and getting little to no results, I finally felt freedom. Now, I workout 3-4x a week, eat more food than I ever have, have great results, and feel satisfied. I am finally free to fit in what I want without guilt into my macro budget. The weekly check-ins helped with accountability and reassurance that I was fueling my body with the right balance of nutrition. Is it a lot of work at first? Absolutely. But, most things that bring us most joy and success require the most amount of discipline and planning. The community of women is uplifting and encouraging no matter if you hit your macros everyday or don’t hit them at all. It’s real life, real women, working hard to improve their lives in the midst of all the daily struggles. I now have the tools to do macros on my own, thanks to the SFM coaches! I am SO grateful every day for this program and the balance and sustainability it brought into my life. 💕
Mindy B.
SFM Client
Men's macro coaching by Stay Fit Mom