Roasting veggies to fuel my body!!
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Roasted Veggie Medley

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I didn’t grow up loving vegetables.  In fact, I’m pretty sure corn was as close to a veggie as I would come.  My mom never forced me to eat anything I didn’t like {which I am SO grateful for}, but she was a single parent working long hours, so we ate out a lot.  Whenever she asked me what I wanted for dinner my usual response was “Carl’s Jr.”

Today, at the age of 28, I really enjoy vegetables, however it took my taste buds some time to adapt to eating REAL food.  When these beautiful veggies pop out of the oven, my kids aren’t exactly jumping for joy either.  I heard at a MOPS meetings once, that the average kid has to be exposed to a food ten times before they’ll even try it.  I don’t force my kids to eat vegetables, but I try to put some form of vegetable on their plate every time they sit down for a meal.

Roasting veggies to fuel my body!!

This Roasted Veggie Medley is an easy way to provide your family with healthy foods to fuel their bodies for several meals!  Whenever I’m out shopping at Sam’s Club or Costco, I grab a few different bags of veggies.

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Grab a few extra bags of veggies to make this simple Roasted Veggie Medley.

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I spread the veggies evenly between two cookie sheets and toss them in  coconut oil or olive oil.  I add a little salt and pepper and stick them in the oven at 425 degrees for 45 minutes.

Gotta make this Roasted Veggie Medley for my meals this week!

I try to include at least one food in the Veggie Medley that I know my kids will eat.  I added potatoes to this batch, and broccoli, which my kids will eat on most days.  We hope these healthy veggies make an appearance in your meals this week.

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