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Meet Jessica, a mother of two and a dedicated labor and delivery night shift nurse who has conquered hypothyroidism while excelling at macro counting. Her journey is a testament to resilience, balancing family, career, and health with unwavering determination and grace.

Client transformation story: Succeeding with macros while working full time, small children and battling hypothyroidism.

Tell us a little bit about your story. Work? family? What’s a typical day in your life look like?

I’m a mom to two very energetic boys 4 & 2. I am a night shift Labor and Delivery nurse, and I can’t imagine doing anything else! I love my job and I love nightshift! A typical work day and a typical off day are different – but same idea- try to get enough sleep, preplan my food for 75% of my day, and try to get in a workout of some type. Days I work I get up a little earlier than I used to (3pm) to get a workout in (usually 30mins of cycle or strength work on Peloton) before dinner prep and leaving for work- this really wakes me up and sets my day up to be in a better head space at work! 

Days I have off it all depends what the kids have going on- when they have school we all eat breakfast then I drop them off, get our dogs out for a good walk, then do a mix of cycle and strength work, and recently been trying to incorporate some yoga. I usually plan one day they’re at school to do my meal prep after my workout- it’s so much easier without 4 little hands helping and tasting. 

Days I work get tricky but meal prepping has made a world of difference bc it means I know I have good food to eat and don’t fall into the snack trap as often. We are busy with kids, kids who demand to eat dinner by 5:30, so preplanning meals for the week is basically a requirement or we’d be eating cereal for dinner every night because there’s no way I’m taking 2 toddlers to the grocery store at 4pm . Having my breakfast and lunch pre prepped (usually on Sunday/Monday of my work schedule) so I can just eat in the morning at lunch,  gives me more freedom to prep different dinners depending on our time and commitments that day. It also makes packing a snack, lunch, and breakfast to take to work easy! 

Client transformation story: Succeeding with macros while working full time, small children and battling hypothyroidism.

How did you find Stay Fit Mom and what made you decide to take the leap?

I had friends that would send me Krista’s recipes on IG. I started following them, got into the Bikini Bod Challenge last year. I had done some macro counting previously and had been wading my way through figuring out my postpartum/breastfeeding/workout requirements and decided I needed help. I wasn’t seeing results like I had before and I was out of my realm trying to figure it all out. 

Client transformation story: Succeeding with macros while working full time, small children and battling hypothyroidism.

You work as a nurse, have children, and have hypothyroidism! You’re the definition of steady wins the race despite everyday life obstacles. How have you managed such high consistency throughout this process? What systems and processes have you implemented that have helped?

Preparation! Preplanning meals. And learning to be a little more flexible with myself. The hypothyroid has thrown me for a loop with the weird symptoms- keeping my levels right and tested every 3 months has helped. I use the AnyList App which I share with my husband. We do meal planning for the week there, and I can add all the recipes and from there add to my grocery lists on the same app! Learning to give myself grace has been the biggest challenge. Some days after working 3, 12 hour shifts and sleeping for 3 hours before picking my kids up I have to accept that we’re going to eat Costco chicken nuggets for dinner and I’m not getting any type of workout in. 

What’s your most used, favorite SFM recipe?

Chicken enchilada bowls! My kids love it too which helps! I use the shredded rotisserie chicken from Costco and add shredded zucchini for some extra veggies. I double it and make 5 individual bowls and a casserole for my family for dinner. 

Client transformation story: Succeeding with macros while working full time, small children and battling hypothyroidism.

How has your macro counting journey impacted other areas of your life besides getting a new wardrobe? Share some of your favorite Non Scale Victories.

My energy and confidence has been the biggest thing. I feel good, and I feel good doing things I want to do. I feel good taking days off working out because I know my diet is healthy and supports me. I love the freedom in eating that macros gives- planning a night for ice cream with my family- easy- just make it fit! Honestly I love the Tetris is requires sometimes! 

Tell us about your experience working with Coach Laura specifically.

Coach Laura has been AMAZING, a constant support! I have felt like she understands when I have hard weeks, high stress, and is always positive and encouraging. I love the accountability that having a coach gives me. I need it. I always know that there will be a positive and an encouragement to push a little harder in my weekly emails and I love that! 

What Coach Laura has to say about working with Jessica:

“Jessica started in June 2023 and has been consistent from the start, nailing her numbers 7/7, prioritizing meal prep and workouts around shift work and family life, and has made macros jive with her lifestyle with zero excuses. Over the months, she’s stayed the course and hasn’t let things like family sickness or holidays and travel derail progress; she is a champ at getting right back in the groove and carrying on! She has lost over ten pounds since starting with SFM. Jessica has the best attitude and always shows up with a “what’s next, coach?” Attitude that makes her a joy to coach!”

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