Meet the Coaches of Stay Fit Mom

At Stay Fit Mom we believe our coaching staff is second to none.  Each coach has been extensively trained to implement the Stay Fit Mom macro nutrition program which has yielded our clients incredible results for years.  Every client’s nutrition program is individualized based on the their own specific needs and lifestyle.  The coaches each bring a unique skill set to the team, all while maintaining our highest objective.  We want the best for every single client that steps into our community.  Each coach has personally participated in the Stay Fit Mom nutrition program while seeing remarkable results for themselves.  As you’ll soon read below, our coaches are passionate and enthusiastic about helping others, but they are also parents who are open and honest about their own struggles with balancing health and fitness while raising a family, and it’s this vulnerability that sets us apart.

As a team, we collectively coach women through 6 weeks of personalized nutrition counseling. Every client will receive their own coach.

Laura Phillips

Hired 2021

Laura will tell you she’s an introvert, but anyone who knows her will say she’s the most extroverted introvert you’ll ever meet. An Army brat from the day she was born, she married her soldier, CJ, twenty-two years ago and has been living the Army wife mama life ever since. She has four children from ages 4 to 18,  and makes home wherever the Army lands them every 2-3 years, currently residing in central Texas. An avid runner since her teens, Laura discovered macros and Stay Fit Mom in 2018 after the birth of her youngest daughter, and it revolutionized the way she fueled her body and approached food. This year, she joined the CrossFit community and has fully embraced it, loving how it challenges and changes her both mentally and physically.

She has found true food freedom through macros, and loves the community that Stay Fit Mom has brought into her life as a girl who is constantly packing up and moving around the world. It brings her immense joy to share macro nutrition and the community of Stay Fit Mom with other women! Laura holds nutrition certifications through Precision Nutrition and Working Against Gravity.

Hired 2020

Cassie has a special place in her heart for macro counting! She was in the first SFM group back in 2016 and has been hooked ever since. She started counting her macros 6 weeks after her second child and has been doing it for over 2 years now. She has 2 kids (5 and 2) and is expecting another one in December. She loves relating to post-partum women and those who struggle with thyroid disorders (specifically Hashimoto’s) like herself. She loves CrossFit, serving the youth in her church and going out for her monthly “Moms Night Out” with her girlfriends. Cassie works as an ultrasound tech at an OBGYN office and loves it! She enjoys traveling with her husband, Adam, and their kids in their RV and exploring the great outdoors whenever they can. Her guilty pleasures include Diet Coke, ice cream and watching TV at night with Adam once the kids go to sleep.

Kristi O’Brien

Hired 2019

Kristi has always loved playing sports, working out and lifting.  After a busy season of career and having babies, she found herself at 240 pounds and needing to start over.  Determined to be able to outrun her kids, she dug in and established a great workout routine and lost the weight quickly eating low carb.  Despite consistent exercise, the weight began to creep back a year later and was not responding.  After much research, she joined a Stay Fit Mom Coaching Group in hopes that Macros could help fix her busted metabolism.  Now, in her 40’s and loving carbs, she is leaner and stronger with better body composition.  Kristi is excited to encourage other women on their journey to wellness and strength!  She loves Jesus, her husband of almost 14 years and her two daughters who are 9 and 4!

Hired 2021

Lindsay originally joined Stay Fit Mom as a client in 2018 following her first two pregnancies. Coach Krista, along with the support of the SFM community, helped her shed 20 pounds of baby weight, plus an additional 10 pounds that she never thought she could lose! She was thrilled to join the SFM coaching staff in 2020.

Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, Lindsay worked as a personal trainer at a strength training studio in Chicago. She now lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband and three children (ages 8, 5 & 2).

In 2019, Lindsay was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. She understands how overwhelming it is to have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease – one that is synonymous with weight gain, a slow metabolism and fatigue. She does NOT let her diagnosis hold her back – Lindsay is amazed to see what her body is capable of with consistency, time, and macros.

Lindsay’s passion for fitness has changed throughout the years; from marathon training to crossfit, working out at a gym to now lifting in her basement. She has spent a great deal of time finding a fitness routine that works for her in the season of life she is in: a stay at home mom with little kids that love to wake up early and skip naps.

Outside of health and wellness, Lindsay loves to meditate, read, quilt, cook, and listen to Phish. She believes that you don’t need to sacrifice your health and fitness goals after becoming a Mom.

Lindsay holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, nutrition certifications through Precision Nutrition and Working Against Gravity, and a NASM personal trainer certification.

Heather Todd

Hired 2020

Heather has been married to her husband, Ian, for 13 years. She is the mom to two amazing little girls (11 & 8) who always keep her on her toes and learning about life.  Heather lives in Nebraska and is an educator for her local school district.  She teaches 4 and 5 year olds in preschool, which she absolutely loves!  Her passion for helping others started when she was young and continues to grow as she gets older.   Heather has struggled with her weight her entire life.  A few years after having her second baby she knew she needed to do something about her health.  She wanted to be healthy and strong enough to be able to enjoy life to its fullest. She also knew she wanted to be a good role model for her children.  During her journey she was introduced to Stay Fit Mom and decided to give macros a try.  It was one of the best decisions she has ever made!  In 2019, Heather joined  a CrossFit class and instantly fell in love with it as well.  She has never really been involved in sports, but found CrossFit to be just what she needed – both physically and mentally.  Heather wants others to find the freedom she has with food and to realize that they don’t have to starve themselves to feel better and lose fat.  She also wants them to realize that the scale does NOT define them.  Heather’s favorite thing about being a coach for Stay Fit Mom is watching women take charge of their health and learn to love themselves through the process of macros.  She can’t wait to see you soar!

Hired 2021

Courtney is twenty-eight years young and resides in Springfield, Missouri with her husband, Taylor, and their kids. They have two little boys, Ashton (6), and Addison (3), along with their baby girl, Lola Blake, who is now in Heaven (October 24th, 2021 – November 8th, 2022). Courtney graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she received her certification in Holistic Health and Nutrition Coaching. She enjoys running, reading, sushi, shopping and being out in the sunshine. Her guilty pleasures include Amazon Prime, sappy teen dramas and all the coffee.

After being immersed into diet culture at a very young age, Courtney developed an extreme body complex. She began the dangerous cycle of restrict-deprive-binge-repeat in middle school, which eventually spiraled into extreme eating disorders well into her twenties. Through SFM and her own journey with reverse dieting, Courtney healed her broken metabolism and relationship with food, drastically changed her overall body composition and more than tripled her average daily caloric intake. Courtney is incredibly passionate about changing the lives and confidence of as many women as she can. More than anything else, she prays that every client feels the light and compassion of Jesus through her.

Chelsea Cohen

Hired 2021

Chelsea is a stay at home to three kids, Londyn (10), Leighton(6), and Loryn(3). Her husband is an assistant principal at their local high school, which keeps them busily involved in their community. Chelsea, originally from California, grew up in Las Vegas. She moved to NW Indiana in 2015 and currently resides there. She has loved living the small town life since.

Chelsea loves to be active whether it’s doing Crossfit, playing volleyball with friends, or jumping on the trampoline with the kids.

Though she does not love to cook, putting well balanced meals on the table for her family has been a priority.

Macro counting became a part of her life 5 months postpartum with her third. She didn’t struggle nearly as much with losing the baby weight with her first two pregnancies, but after her third she knew she needed to make a change in order to get the weight off. Being terrified to lose the freedom to eat things she enjoys, she had never done any sort of dieting. Once she started with Stay Fit Mom, she never looked back. After being a part of the community for over 3 years she wonders what life would be like without it.

Counting macros has also been a huge factor in Chelsea learning how to properly feed her youngest who is 100% g-tube fed. It’s another large reason why she has a special place in heart for not just Stay Fit Mom, but the community Krista and Tracy have built to help give her both the knowledge and support she needs to be successful.

Chelsea prides herself on loving others well. She knew the lord was giving her an opportunity to do so on a much larger scale with macro counting. She hopes to help advocate for women who deserve to love themselves enough to understand eating is not just for fun, but also has a purpose of fueling our bodies for basic needs and beyond.

She is full of love, macro knowledge and Jesus.

Hired 2022

Stacy was an active child always involved in sports- playing soccer, softball and running track. Being fit just came naturally until it didn’t. She struggled with her weight for many years. Gaining and then losing weight with every new fad diet that came along. Food was labeled good or bad and guilt and shame was a daily struggle. Until SFM entered her life in 2020! Counting macros brought balance back to her life and allowed her to enjoy food again! As a coach it is a privilege to guide others on this journey and see them accomplish their individual goals.

Stacy has a nutrition certification from NASM and is an active member with Beachbody where she enjoys weight lifting and HIIT training. She resides in New Jersey with her husband and 2 dogs. They enjoy traveling, hiking, the beach and trying new restaurants (with gluten free options!) Because of SFM Stacy learned food is fuel for your body AND it can be enjoyed guilt free!!

Mariesha Braley

Hired 2022

Mariesha is a stay at home mom with two kids, ages 5 and 2. She is married to a police officer and lives in the Denver Metro Area.  Before she was a stay at home mom, she worked for the Air Force as a civilian, traveling often and living overseas to help military personnel pursue their education goals.

Mariesha joined SFM at 5 weeks postpartum to tackle all the weight she had gained not just from her pregnancy, but also from the long journey navigating through secondary infertility and multiple miscarriages. With consistency and focus, she lost 80 pounds. In the midst of her transformation, she found a passion for helping other women be successful in their own weight loss journey.

She loves spending time with her little family, reading classic literature, watching British mystery shows, and is always trying to turn her 70’s house into an English cottage.

Hired 2023

Brooke, her husband, and four children (9, 7, 5, and 3) live in rural Wyoming (Go Pokes!) She works full time as an attorney, helps keep their ranch and other family businesses going all while running her kids around and keeping up with their activities. Brooke enjoys all things outdoors and you can find her hiking, hunting, biking, boating, camping, running, skiing, or many other activities outside any opportunity she has. Brooke grew up rodeoing and is passing her love of horses and rodeo onto her kids. Brooke’s daily “musts” are: Jesus, hugs and kisses from her kids, coffee and movement! After her last pregnancy, Brooke needed a healthy way to help get her back to “herself”. She joined Stay Fit Mom in July of 2020 and hasn’t looked back since! Brooke loves the freedom and flexibility macros provide in fueling her body. Brooke has come to appreciate that the scale doesn’t define success and wants to help other women learn that too. Brooke is super active, always on the go, and cannot wait to help you live your best life. Let’s do this!

LeeAnn Coffer

Hired 2019

Lee Ann is a jack of many trades. She spends most of her time raising two amazing kids; a boy who is 12 and a girl who is 10. Lee Ann has been married to her high school sweet heart, Jeff, for 16 years. She is a RN on an Orthopedic unit. She coaches CrossFit kids and CrossFit adults. After she had her daughter she was ashamed of how out of shape she had become. Lee Ann started small with nutrition and daily walks. This sparked a fire in her to run half marathons and a full marathon. She then started CF and was amazed that she was able to do more than she ever imagined. Lee Ann loves encouraging others to believe in themselves and do more than their minds tell them they can do.

Hired 2024

 Emily is a native Texan, married to a high school principal, and is a homeschool mama of five kids: three boys (8, 5, 4) and two-year old identical twin girls. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Health and a Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences, is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), and a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC). Not drawn to any of the traditional career paths for dietitians when she graduated, she seized an opportunity to teach Family and Consumer Sciences at a Title 1 middle school in Houston and became a certified teacher. Her education career led her on a 14-year adventure teaching in international schools in Egypt, Ecuador, and the United Arab Emirates. Managing an autoimmune disease renewed her focus on her own wellness and also led her back to health and nutrition as a career. While completing professional development to maintain her dietetic registration, she realized health coaching was the fit within the dietetics field that she had been seeking.  She did not want to treat chronic illness as a practitioner. Instead, she wanted to partner with others to improve their own health, wellness, and wellbeing!

Emily joined Stay Fit Mom purely out of curiosity in January 2021. In six weeks with Coach Cassie, she had more energy, less brain fog, and fit into a pair of pants she had not worn in four years- all while eating more than she ever had! She loved how she felt, the confidence she had, and the warm supportive Stay Fit Mom community. She returned in January 2022, a few months after delivering her twins. She once climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and ran three full marathons in three different countries. Now she stays active by walking, hiking with her kids, and lifting heavy weights. She is a freelance virtual assistance, a novice gardener and a non-fiction junkie.

Bryan Schwartz

Men’s Dadbod Coach Hired 2024

Bryan and his wife became Stayfitmom and Dadbod clients back in 2017, and have been tracking their macros ever since.  Originally from Las Vegas, Bryan  and his wife recently moved to Arizona with their new baby and two dogs.  They enjoy staying active with hiking, running, biking (Peloton), and CrossFit / strength training.  Bryan loves collecting hobbies, including golf, basketball, guitar, and woodworking.  

Bryan enjoys challenging himself with new fitness goals.  He forces his wife to join him on different races, such as Spartan races and Ragnar relays.  Most recently, they backpacked down to Havasupai Falls with some friends.  

Chad Pool

Men’s Dadbod Coach Hired 2018

Chad has been involved in sports his whole life and has found a way to share it with other people in his life.  Like his wife and co-founder of StayFitMom, Krista, he has also earned his Bachelor Degree in Physical Education.  Along with several years of experience coaching high school athletes, Chad is also a coach at Crossfit Apollo, where he continues to share his love of health to others. 

Although being active throughout his life was a priority, there were times where he began to take on bad habits and gain unwanted weight.  “Sympathy,” weight as he likes to call it, from when his wife was pregnant with their children.  Now that his family is complete, and an acknowledgment that change needed to be made, he lost those habits and continues to work daily to become better. 

1-on-1 Coaching

6 weeks








If you’re interested in Macro Coaching (which includes 6 weeks of one-on-one nutrition counseling tailored to your diet, macro adjustments, meal ideas, high levels of accountability and additional support).  Stay Fit Mom Macro Coaching services are for you!  New groups start the first of every month.