Top 10 Healthy Kid Recipes

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My kids are picky, especially when it comes to food.  Obviously I do my best to feed my kids healthy-ish foods, but unless I try to get semi creative, and I’m VERY persistent, they quickly loose interest.  I want to share with you some simple recipes my kids always love. These are our Top 10 Healthy Kid Recipes:

Healthy Kid recipes my kids would love!

1. Thrifty Jinxy – Apple Sandwiches

Top 10 Kid Friendly Recipes your kids will love!

2. The Kitchen is My Playground – Strawberry Milk

Top 10 Kid Friendly Recipes your kids will love!

3. Mama of 3 Munchkins – Pizza Kabobs

Top 10 Kid Friendly Recipes your kids will love!

4. The Thrifty Couple – 2 Ingredient Homemade Fruit Roll Ups

Top 10 Kid Friendly Recipes your kids will love!

5. Happy Health Mamma – Homemade Alphabet Vegetable Soup


6. This Momma Loves – Kid Friendly Overnight Oatmeal

Top 10 Kid Friendly Recipes your kids will love!

7. Nosh and Nourish – Sweet Potato and Carrot Fries


8. Live Simply – Homemade Go-Gurt Like Yogurt Sticks

Top 10 Kid Friendly Recipes your kids will love!

9. Brunch Time Baker – Quick and Easy Pita Pizza


10. Stay Fit Mom – Homemade Larabars

Simple Snack for kids and adults

 We hope you try some of these recipes out with your little ones!  If you do let us know!  Follow us @stayfitmomblog and @stayfitmom_com on Instagram and on our Facebook page where we love getting personal.  You can also subscribe to Stay Fit Mom for healthy recipes, workouts, and most of  all inspiration and encouragement!

This week Stay Fit Mom is bringing you the Healthy Mom, Healthy Family Series.  We want to share the resources, recipes, and activities that have worked for our kiddos.  This week we have partnered with businesses in the Las Vegas community that we think are doing great things to help keep kids healthy and active.

 Today we are featuring…



I really can’t say enough food things about Victory Martial Arts.  At Victory they not only encourage kids to excel at Victory but they promote excellent behavior at home and at school.  Here’s a testimonial from a parent,

“My main concern was the discipline in my child’s life.  He was a bit hyper before attending Victory Martial Arts and had a hard time following instructions.  Since we’ve been coming to the school, he has made a huge improvement in his behavior and he’s really enjoying himself!”

I had the opportunity to personally work with Victory Martial Arts when they came to our MOPS group to give us a Self-defense demonstration.  We were blown away.  They gave extremely helpful information and we had the best time.  They seem to have mastered the best way to control a large group and still make it so much fun!

Check out the rest of our Healthy Mom, Healthy Family Series!  We’ve got lots of great Las Vegas businesses to boast about!

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Top 10 Healthy Kid Recipes 

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