Embracing Discomfort to reach your goals.

Embracing Discomfort

If you’re been in SFM for a while, you know we’re big on habits and LOVE the book Atomic Habits…and have talked about it in previous SOS videos and blog posts. I also LOVE nonfiction books – especially those that can be related to health, fitness, and macros.

I stumbled across The Comfort Crisis by Micheal Easter and was blown away by the book.  One of my biggest takeaways from the book: 2%. That is the percentage of people who take the stairs when the option of an escalator is available.

My mind was BLOWN by that fact – 100% of those people KNEW that taking the stairs would be the better option in regards to health and movement, yet only 2% of people dismissed the temporary comfort of the escalator and leaned into 30 seconds of mild discomfort.

That may seem minuscule, taking the stairs over the escalator, but it’s the compound effect of those tiny habits that shape who we are and can result in huge progress/changes/ breakthroughs over time.

When you think of leaning into discomfort repeatedly, it can make sense how overall health and wellness would benefit. Take the stairs > focusing on hitting 10K steps a day > Regular workouts > drinking a protein shake after every workout ….it’s a trickle down effect. You are no longer someone who just takes the stairs, but someone who chooses to prioritize their health.

But it’s still not automatic, we are hardwired to lean into the EASY and comfortable. Amazon Prime, fast food, breakfast at Starbucks, constant entertainment from our phones and internet. By leaning into discomfort on a micro level, a huge snowball effect starts and over time, those results will be apparent.

Embracing Discomfort to reach your goals.

I also see that by leaning into discomfort, we take a step back from being so focused on our goals – we all know how we can get in the loop of ONLY focusing on what the scale is telling us. It’s the perfect way to get away from instant gratification.

For myself, thinking about being the 2% and doing those slightly uncomfortable things makes my entire thought process focused more on the HABITS and ROUTINES instead of just goals. Read more about that HERE.

If I don’t scroll on my phone after my kids are in bed, I am more inclined to get to bed earlier, if I get to bed earlier, I will be able to get up at 5 when my alarm goes off. If I get up at 5 when my alarm goes off, I have plenty of time to workout and shower before I need to make kids lunches/breakfast/do the whole mom-get the kids to school-morning routine.

So taking OUT the comfort of mindlessly scrolling has a HUGE trickle down effect for me. Maybe it’s different for you – maybe that 20 minutes of phone time isn’t a negative habit for you like it is for me. Maybe for you, it’s cutting out the 30 minutes of TV you watch when your baby is napping and using that time to prep lunches or eat a balanced meal.

So I urge you…lean into the discomfort.  I’m not saying get to a point of feeling deprived, but get uncomfortable – think about where your sticking points are with habits that may be keeping you from your goals.  Be a 2 percent-er. Do the slightly uncomfortable things. Lean into that delayed gratification and be excited for where you’ll be when 1 week rolls into 1 month, 1 year, 2 years…

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