Making the Most out of the Last 10 Weeks of 2023

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Sister, I know you’re tired, but HEAR ME OUT. Did you know there’s less than 10 weeks left of 2023? 10 WEEKS. And I know in most ways 10 weeks seems like a blink and it will be, but also in terms of moving towards your goals, 10 weeks is a significant amount of time!

Weight loss motivation!

Let’s just say you decide to get serious THIS WEEK. Today, you make a decision to start putting together your grocery list and to get serious about meal prep. Maybe you start striving for 10K steps/day. Within 2 weeks, you’d start to feel physical changes on the inside (I’m talking your energy level, mood, less bloating). And remember that success leads to motivation, not the other way around, so let’s just say those physical changes on the inside lead you to keep it up for an additional 2 weeks. Now we’re talking 4 weeks. In 4 weeks you’ll not only feel changes on the inside, but you’ll be able to see changes on the outside (how your clothes are fitting, a downward trend on the scale). And let’s just say that success leads you to stay motivated for another 4 weeks. That puts us at 8 weeks, which is right around the time other people around you start noticing your changes. Imagine right around Christmas break, all your friends and family asking YOU how you did it. And let’s just say because you’ve made it that far, you hang on for another 2 weeks, putting you right at 10 weeks. Research shows it takes right around 10 weeks to solidify a habit

Weight loss motivation!

These next 10 weeks are gonna come and go regardless of what you decide, but this is just a little reminder of what’s possible. 

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