10 Plus At Home CrossFit Workouts for Pregnancy

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Pregnancy can be a hard time in a woman’s life.  I’ve never been one to LOVE being pregnant, but this pregnancy really has been my easiest, and I think that is largely because of my decision to remain diligent in my exercise routine.  I wasn’t able to workout as vigorously with my other two boys, so if you’re looking at the computer on bed rest or with high risk restrictions, please know that I have been there and I know how hard that can be.  Give your body the rest your baby needs, and rest assured that you can hop back on or even begin a new CrossFit program after that sweet baby of yours meets you!

Ideal CrossFit Workouts for pregnancy, including modification options from StayFitMom.com

Always consult your health care provider regarding your exercise routine during pregnancy.  We share with our readers what has been successful for us in our own lives.

For the rest of you in the clear, we hope that these CrossFit workouts increase your energy level all while safely pushing your body to limits that are healthy for you and baby!  We post workouts you can do at home with little to no equipment every wednesday!

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Ideal CrossFit Workouts for pregnancy, including modification options from StayFitMom.com

Click on each link (or picture) below for a full description of the workouts, modification options, as well as necessary equipment.

  1.  Double Unders, Lunges and DipsPerfect at home CrossFit Workout for anybody even the pregnant mama!
  2.  Lunges, Shuttle Run, and Plank3 simple tips to get back on track from the holiday binge from Stay Fit Mom.
  3. Pregnancy Tabata Workout12 Min 2nd trimester workout
  4. Ultimate Butt WorkoutGreat pregnancy workouts every week
  5. Death by Jump RopeThe perfect workout to do at home! All you need is a jump rope! Stay Fit Mom posts new workouts every week!
  6. Park WorkoutQuick Workout that can be done at the park with your kids
  7. 10, 15, 20 WorkoutWorkouts, demo videos, modifications, and more! All for free! I love these weekly workouts!
  8. Run and Squat WorkoutStay Fit Mom posts new workouts each week!
  9. Pregnancy Chipper WorkoutPerfect at home CrossFit Workout for the pregnant mama!
  10. At Home Dumbbell WorkoutGreat pregnancy workouts I can do at home
  11. Double Unders, Air Squats, and PlankLove these CrossFit Workouts I can do at home with my family from StayFitMom.com!
  12. Stroller WorkoutI love these workouts I can do with my kids around!

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Wishing you a healthy, safe pregnancy!  Congratulations and don’t forget to let us know how you’re doing over on Instagram or our Facebook Page!

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  1. This is awesome and just what I’ve been looking for. I’m 8 weeks in to my 3rd pregnancy and promised myself I’m not going to gain quite as much weight as the last two pregnancies. I managed to lose the 50 lbs I gained plus more (nothing like nursing, chasing two babies 17 months apart, and a crossfit work out or two to shed some lbs!). I don’t want to start from scratch when this one comes out. Regardless, my body feels exhausted, sick, and not wanting to do some kettlebell swings. A few of these look great for me to do something to survive the 1st trimester fatigue. Thank you!