At Home Dumbbell Workout

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I personally never thought I’d be a full time workout at home kind of person before I had kids.  I easily spent a good two hours at the gym in my early twenties on a daily basis and loved every minute of it.  Once I had my first child I quickly realized that if I wanted to take care of myself, and feel good about myself, I would need a more hours in the day.  That wasn’t going to happen, so the next best thing was to figure out a way to still get a good workout in without sacrificing the little time I had with my baby in a day.  My husband and I started doing P90X in the mornings before going to work.  That never lasted a full 90 days, lets just say that.  I got super bored with the same workout videos on repeat and quickly lost interest.  Two years later I had another baby and gave some at home workout videos a try again, no luck.  That’s when my husband came up with the crazy idea of bringing the gym to our garage.  We figured we would start small and slowly collect the equipment we needed over time.  We starting doing some Crossfit workouts we found online at night when the kids would be sleeping and got hooked.  Here we are today, always doing a new workout and still loving it.

The point of this story is that you don’t necessarily need a fancy gym or a membership to get in shape.  The whole idea behind Stay Fit Mom Weekly Workouts for Tracy and I is to show you that getting fit and maintaining this lifestyle is possible without sacrificing time away from your children or spending a dime on any type of fees.  All of our weekly workouts are FREE and most require little to no equipment. You don’t need to spend two hours at the gym to get the body you want, you need to simply be consistent!  With that said, utilize all the free workouts we have here and everywhere else over the web and get after it ladies!
New Workouts Every Wednesday!

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Weekly Workout:

5 Rounds of:

10 Tricep Extensions

10 Goblet Squats

10 Shoulder Raises (front and side)

10 Calf Raises

10 Bicep Curls

10 Shoulder PressesWorkout I can easily do at home when I can't make it to the gym

Equipment Needed:

  • Dumbbell -I used 2-10 pound dumbbells for this workout

Modification Options:

  • Always modify at-home workouts to your ability level.  For this particular workout all you should need to modify is the amount of weight you are using.  You may need more or less than 10 pounds.  If you cannot complete 10 reps of an exercise you need to lower your dumbbell weight.Great pregnancy workouts I can do at home

See video demonstration below.

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