Double Unders, Lunges, and Dips

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I worked out VERY little with both of my other children.  With baby number one, I freaked out anytime my heart rate went above 150 and I was pretty much afraid to carry the groceries inside of our house.  I took my prenatal vitamins everyday and religiously checked my “What to Expect When Your Expecting” book to make sure I was doing everything “right.”  Baby number 1 came 6 weeks early.  He was in the NICU for the first 2 weeks of his life, and (once he got home) anytime my baby made a peep I was there to pick him up, rock him to sleep, and rescue him from his tears.  The words “Cry it out” never once came out of my mouth.  Oh, the joys of first time parenting.  

With baby number two, my pregnancy became categorized as high risk at my 20 week ultrasound.  I had ultrasounds weekly, and the doctor told me that the only exercise I could do was yoga.  I don’t do yoga, so that translated to a few days of stretching in my living room.  Our little guy miraculously came out healthy as could be, but I vaguely remember his first year of life.  With a 23 month old and a newborn we mastered things like nursing while potty training, and grocery shopping in the baby bjorn.  Life was crazy, loud, and tantrum filled those first few years, but we all learned to adapt.

This pregnancy has been completely different.  I have been anxiety free.  We have traveled.  I have managed to workout 5-6 days a week throughout my 30 weeks of pregnancy so far.  I wouldn’t change a thing about my other two pregnancy experiences because they came with SUCH growth, but this time around I have been blessed with God’s peace, and I am SO grateful.  While I know that this baby will no doubt come with major life adjustments, sleepless nights, and an even crazier household, there is such comfort in trusting in God’s plan for our family.

Perfect at home CrossFit Workout for anybody even the pregnant mama!

Always consult your health care provider regarding your exercise routine during pregnancy.  We share with our readers what has been successful for us in our own lives.

As we wait for our world to be flipped upside down with newborn life, I’m still loving my workout routine!  By baby number 3 I have realized that is 100% TRUTH when people say, “Enjoy that baby being on the inside, the moment he makes his appearance, the real work begins.”

This week we’ve got another great workout that anybody can do (pregnant or not).  If you are expecting be sure to check out the modification section below!

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Weekly Workout:

5 Rounds

  • 50 Double Unders or Single Skips
  • 12 Lunges
  • 10 Dips

Perfect at home CrossFit Workout for anybody even the pregnant mama!

Equipment Needed:

  • Keep track of your time using a watch or a Timer.  (We frequently use the MYWOD app and recommend it to our readers.  You can keep track of your workouts, they’ve got How To videos, and of course the app has great timers.)  Set your timer to go off every minute, so you know when to begin your next set of jumps.
  • Jump Rope
  • A chair or set of Parallettes for Dips.  Here’s a link to make your own at home!

Modification Options:

  • Be sure to modify this at home workout to your ability level.  Modify the double unders to single skips or shorten the amount of repetitions if you need to.  If completing dips with straight legs is a challenge you can always bend your legs to take pressure off of your shoulders, as shown below.

Modifying dips to build strength or for pregnancy.

At the start of the timer, begin with 50 double unders (or single skips), them complete 12 lunges.  Be sure that your knee touches the ground every time if you’re able.  Then complete 10 dips using a chair or parallettes.  The completion of those three movements end your first round.  Complete 4 more rounds for a total of 5 rounds.

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