Can I do Whole30 Pregnant?

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Can I do Whole30 while pregnant?  I’ll let you know in about a month, but one thing I know for sure, at 22 weeks pregnant my body is starting to feel the side effects of a diet loaded with sugar, simple carbohydrates, and very few vegetables.  Headaches, fatigue, and little motivation from leaving the couch are the top 3 reasons I’ve decided that my body NEEDS a drastic change.

This mom tells the concerns, advantages, and disadvantages of doing the Whole30 program while pregnant.

Prior to pregnancy I would say that I was relatively strict about what foods went into my mouth.  I ate a diet based on mostly protein, vegetables, and fruit, but the moment I peed on the stick and that little extra line showed up, it was like ALL hell broke loose.  You can read more about that in my Pancakes, Cookies, and Pizza; How the First Trimester of Pregnancy Wrecked My Healthy Diet.  Now that I’ve made it to the second trimester my morning sickness and aversion to meat have subsided.  I’m starting to feel that it’s a pivotal time, and I’ve got two choices: continue down the road of frozen pizzas and muffins, OR bring the maddness to a screeching hault, and get back the self control I once had.  I completed the first round of My Whole30 Journey last year at this exact time, and at the end of the thirty days I had never felt better.

The information listed in this post are to the best of our knowledge.  We share with our readers what has been successful for us in our own lives.  Always consult your health care provider before making any drastic changes to your diet during pregnancy.  Visit for full nutritional guide to ensure the products and food you consume are compliant.

What benefits am I most hoping to reap from completing a round of Whole30 while pregnant?

  1. I’m growing a tiny human who gets every bit of his nutrients from me.  It’s about time he get something other than store bought lasagna.
  2. I NEED to slay my “sugar dragon.”  Every few hours I’m reaching into the fridge for more CRAP.  Headaches have become my norm.
  3. I want more energy.  I have two small boys with another little one on the way and getting through the day without a meltdown on a daily basis is getting more and more difficult.
  4. I’d be thrilled if my skin cleared up even the slightest.
  5. I’d love to regain control of meal planning.  Lately I’ve been deciding what the entire family’s having for dinner 10 minutes before it’s dinner time, which have resulted in some pretty bad choices.
  6. I’m excited to see the benefits the program has on the entire family.  Last year during Whole30 my family (even though they didn’t join me on the journey) ate so many healthy dinners that they loved.
  7. I want to appreciate the taste of food again.  My taste buds have been completely dulled by the amount of sugar I’ve inhaled in the last 4 months.
  8. This isn’t about weight, but I also KNOW that I’ve put on a lot more pounds than necessary for the banana sized baby growing in my uterus.
  9. My car will no longer be on auto pilot to In N Out Burger.
  10. The back fat.  This might seem a little vain, but seriously.  It’s a problem.  This mom tells the concerns, advantages, and disadvantages of doing the Whole30 program while pregnant.

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Why would any reasonable person attempt an extreme diet during pregnancy?  

First, the Whole30 is NOT a low calorie diet.  The Whole30 is NOT a low carb diet.  Furthermore, the program is NOT about weight loss. Melissa Hartwig, of The Whole30; The 30 Day Guide to Total Healthy and Food Freedom says,

“You don’t need to weigh or measure, you don’t need to count calories.  Your only job for 30 days? Eat. Good. Food.”

As I said earlier, after my first round of Whole30 I never felt better.  The program diet focuses on eating whole, unprocessed meats, seafoods, eggs, a ridiculous amount of vegetables, fruits, and natural fats.  I can’t think of a more healthy option for this baby than the amount of nutrients consumed during Whole30.

So what am I worried about?  What (if any) changes will I be making to the traditional Whole30?

I’m hungry All. The. Time.  This round of Whole30 isn’t going to be about sticking to 3 strict meals a day for me.  If I’m hungry, I plan on eating (Whole30 compliant foods).  I’m well aware that my body will need a sufficient amount of carbohydrates, and I plan to add plenty of startchy vegetables and increase the amount recommended for healthy fats to meet the caloric intake I feel my body and baby will need.This mom tells the concerns, advantages, and disadvantages of doing the Whole30 program while pregnant.

I also plan to give myself a whole lot of grace and flexibility.  I’ve said this before, pregnancy is HARD.  Like every mother I know, I want the VERY best for my baby.  This isn’t about gambling with my pregnancy, this is about giving this little guy the very best shot at a healthy start.  If I ever feel like my health or the baby’s is suffering in the slightest way (getting unusually sick or developing more food aversions that prevent me from getting what my body and this baby needs) I will surely adapt as needed.

So, was I be able to complete Whole30 pregnant?  You can read all about the journey in my

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