Non Candy Kids Easter Basket

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Easter is coming up which means it’s time to get your kid’s baskets ready!  I’ve come up with lots of ideas to share with the Easter Bunny that will not leave your kids bouncing off the walls from a sugar high nor vomiting all over their Sunday best! We hope these non candy kids Easter basket ideas are a hit with your kiddos!
Kids Easter Basket Ideas

For me,  the holidays are all about the traditions you create with your family.  You may not remember what you got in your Easter basket growing up, but chances are you remember all the holiday traditions you shared with loved ones.  Some of my favorite holiday memories I have from my childhood include meatball soup every Halloween, digging for the $100 bill in our Christmas stockings, frosting sugar cookies with cousins on Easter, and 4th of July in Laguna Beach.

As far as the Easter baskets go, I do recall that my siblings and I always got a new swim suit in ours.  That was a fun traditon I will be starting with my own kids this year.

Non Candy Kids Easter Basket Ideas

For me, this holiday isn’t all about the Easter basket, so I don’t usually go crazy.  My theory is this: try and fill the basket with items your kids actually need or will use.  My kids are young enough (2 and 4) that putting new socks and underwear in their Easter basket is still exciting to them, so why not?

I did have fun shopping around and filling this big basket with fun stuff just to share with you all.  This is a thrift store basket I simply spray painted and put a cute bow on. How easy is that?

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Non Candy Kids Easter Basket IdeasEASTER BASKET IDEAS FOR KIDS:

In My Basket (Pictured above) 

Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Lunch Box



Glow Sticks

Flash Cards



Sidewalk Chalk


Goldfish Crackers

Fruit Snacks


Other Ideas:

Body Wash



Pool Toys

Pool Towel


Exercise Equipment



Themed Baskets are another super cute idea.  Here are some ideas for themes that will work for both boys and girls:

Fitness Basket

Baker’s Basket

Chef’s Basket

Arts and Crafts Basket

Spring Picnic Basket

Gardener’s Basket

Pool Fun Basket

Rainy Day Basket

Disney Basket

Book Worm Basket

I’d love to see the cute baskets you design!  Share your photos with us on Instagram! Use hashtag #SFMEasterBasket and tag @stayfitmom_com and @stayfitmomblog!

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  1. Love these ideas! The easter bunny still visits my husband and I. He brings my Luna Bars! 🙂

    1. That’s a great idea Pamela! I bought my hubby a new lunch box as his Easter basket. I may just fill it will healthy snacks now! Thanks for the idea!

  2. Great ideas! I have never done the candy filled basket for my kids and they are just as happy without. They don’t need it!

  3. Love these ideas!! My mom always tried to give us a few treats but then always put in healthy treats or toothbrushes, non candy stuff 🙂 Now that I have my own family I hope to keep the focus on the reason for Easter but throw in some healthier treats too!