Pancakes, Cookies, and Pizza; How the First Trimester of Pregnancy Wrecked My Diet.

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So remember that one time Krista and I decided to create a health and fitness blog and write all about how food was the key to success?  Confession time… these last 13 weeks, I’ve felt like the biggest phony.  You know how some women get pregnant, start eating organic, processed free foods, and inhaling kale.  Let’s just say I am the EXACT opposite of that.  It is VERY clear to me that this baby is all about the carb life.  All will power has been lost.  Meat makes me want to vomit, and these days I’ve started counting spaghetti sauce as a vegetable.  Heaven help me.

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I am the world’s WORST secret keeper.  Keeping things inside for longer than a nano second feels like the weight of the world is on my shoulders.  However, we had a solid plan to reveal the news of this new baby at the boys’ birthday party.  It is a sheer miracle that my mom and mother-in-law didn’t pick up on the news before then.  My parents have always been amazing at supporting our family’s healthy eating habits.  In fact, at one point during My Whole30 Journey my mother-in-law created an entire Whole30 meal for our family that was delicious.  At just about 9 weeks pregnant I lost my keys at Grandma’s house (pregnancy brain has been running rapid).  She says to me,

“Let’s retrace your steps.  I know we can find these keys.  You walked in and headed straight for the bread, then moved on to the cake, and then headed for the chocolate…”

It took me a full 48 hours to find the keys (which were in a bag that I had checked 3 times prior), but I laughed hard when my mother-in-law retraced my path of destruction.  This, my friends, has summarized the last 13 weeks of my pregnancy.

Here I am at 3 minutes pregnant feeling so unbelievably optimistic about my healthy, fit pregnancy.

Embracing the body changes that come with pregnancy from

Embracing the body changes that come with pregnancy from

And here I am at 13 weeks fantasizing about donuts.  And yet I’m still wondering why the baby has mysteriously taken up residence in the cellulite behind my legs and rolls in my back.

Embracing the body changes that come with pregnancy from

In all honesty, I am embracing every second of this pregnancy.  I joke about the cellulite behind my legs and my ever-expanding waist line, but none of that matters to me.  I have had pretty stressful pregnancies with both boys, and this time around I am delighted to take part in a little morning sickness and some outlandish cravings.

Embracing the body changes that come with pregnancy from

CrossFit has been a life saver throughout this process.  My body is still allowing me to CrossFit 5 days a week.  It has helped dramatically with my energy level, and keeps my metabolism going on my crazy pizza days.  My times have gotten slower, and my goals have changed from pushing my body to the max everyday (on the floor dying after each workout), to smart limits that keep me feeling a little cautious yet accomplished.  Embracing the body changes that come with pregnancy from

My coaches at CrossFit Apollo have been AMAZING.  We have several pregnant mamas doing incredible things in the gym right now, and the coaches always make sure we are doing the proper modifications and listening to our bodies.

Embracing the body changes that come with pregnancy from

Krista and I knew when we started this blog, that we wanted it to be a place of grace for women.  Every time I’d start to get frustrated with myself or I’d begin to start feeling insecure, I’d remember the advice we always give our readers.  Embrace your body, love who you are, and enjoy the journey.

Pregnancy is fleeting.  Soon enough this baby will be here and every trip to the toilet bowl and stretch mark will all be more than worth it.  In the mean time, if you need to find me, I’ll probably be in the ice cream section at Smith’s.

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  1. Thanks for your honesty – makes me feel better about deviating from my Auto-immune Paleo diet so that I can consume ALL the carbs (unfortunately, most GF breads & treats are full of other crap, so I have to be pretty selective). I read that carbs are essential for the body to produce the right amount of hormones, which could be why we crave them like crazy at PMS & pregnancy.

  2. Thank you for this post! I was a week in to my whole 30 when I found out I was pregnant. I quit to be sure I was getting enough calcium and healthy whole grains, and I successfully incorporated them into my diet for about a week. Then the nausea set in and all this little bean wants is bread, carbs, more bread and more carbs 🙁 Any of my previous healthy food options sound plain awful. I’ve been feeling so bad for not eating as healthy as I predicted I would, but this made me feel a little better!

  3. Congrats! Good for you! You may be giving in to cravings of things you wouldn’t normally eat but you’re still out there working out and doing what you love to do. You’re right, pregnancy is fleeting. It’s such a short window of time. Enjoy every second, every pizza, every bite of ice cream. That little baby at the end will make it all worth it!