20 + Whole30 Recipes You Can Prepare Ahead

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You’ve heard of Whole30, looked into a little bit, but you’re worried there’s no way you have time for that kind of commitment.  Whole30 can seem overwhelming at first, BUT it is completely doable (even for the busiest of people IF you give it the right preparation.  There is a pivotal week (prior to starting your 30 day journey) that goes into prepping for Whole30.  During this week, I menu plan, grocery shop, and then start to cook as many recipes as I can prepare ahead as possible.  This helps me in a few ways. Number 1, I’m a mom of two boys (with another one on the way), and we are in a constant state of chaos.  Between sports, play dates, and school, having more than 30 minutes to cook a meal on some days is impossible.  Number 2, the more food I have readily available, the less likely anything will stand in my way of completing a successful round of Whole30.  If you’re interested in doing the Whole30 with us, request to join our Facebook group here. It’s a lifesaver!

All of these Whole30 recipes can be prepared ahead of time! Perfect if you're short on time or your schedule is crazy.

Preparation is KEY.  It is vital to your Whole30 success.  We put together 20+ easy ways you can front load your whole30.  If you’ve got food ready and waiting, you won’t have any reason to cheat.  Put these things together when you have time and you’ll be ready when it counts!

The products and information listed in this post are to the best of our knowledge.  We share with our readers what has been successful for us in our own lives.  Visit Whole30.com for full nutritional guide to ensure the products and food you consume are compliant.All of these Whole30 recipes can be prepared ahead of time! Perfect if you're short on time or your schedule is crazy.

Breakfast Options:

  1. Paleo Deviled Eggs/ Hard boiled eggs by Stay Fit Mom
  2. Bacon Avocado Ranch Egg Muffin Recipe from The Pinning Mama
  3. Egg Free Whole30 Sausage Patties by Stay Fit Mom
  4. Crispy Kale & Sausage Quiche by Dawn Nicole


5.  Roasted Cauliflower Rice by Stay Fit mom

6.  Roasted Veggie Medley by Stay Fit Mom

7.  Crockpot Sweet Potatoes by The Pinning Mama

8.  Vanilla- Balsamic Sweet Potato Mash by Dawn Nicole

9.  Cran-Apple Coleslaw by Dawn Nicole


10.  Turkey Salad by Stay Fit Mom

11.  Cranberry-Almond Chicken Salad by Dawn Nicole

Snacks, sauces, and seasonings:

12.  Homemade Larabars: by Stay Fit Mom

13.  Berry Vitacoco Popsicles by Stay Fit Mom

14. Homemade Apple Chips by Kosher on a Budget

15.  Homemade Mayo: by Stay Fit Mom

16.  Homemade Fajita Seasoning Mix by The Pinning Mama

17.  Whole30 Homemade Ranch Seasoning Mix by The Pinning Mama

18.  Homemade Chicken Stock by Homespun Sprout

Freezer Friendly Meals:

19.  Easy Paleo Homestyle Spaghetti by Stay Fit Mom

20.  No Bean Turkey Chili by Stay Fit Mom

21.  Easy Whole30 Meatballs by Stay Fit Mom

22.  Easy Paleo Meatball Soup by Stay Fit Mom

23. 3 Ingredient Crockpot Chicken Verde by The Pinning Mama

24.  Shepherd’s Pie by Dawn Nicole

25. Easy Paleo Homestyle Meatloaf by Stay Fit Mom

This list is meant to help, not overwhelm you.  Take your favorites and create a meal plan that works best for you and your schedule!  Good luck on your Whole30 journey!

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