Repetition: A Principle Behind Successful People

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If you’ve been with us here at SFM for more than ten minutes, you know the concept of consistency is one that we preach over and over again. Consistency is step number one to seeing results. It’s the gas in your car that allows for it to go. Now, let’s introduce the concept of repetition.

You find something that works, so you run with it. If you think about it, this concept is applicable for so many facets of our lives. We implement a financial budget so that we know exactly what money is coming in, what money is being spent on. We drop our kids off and pick them up at the same time everyday. We eat our meals at the same time because we know what makes our bodies feel energized and satiated. We even go to sleep and wake up at the same time most days, whether we really want to or not. Subconsciously, every fiber of our being and every area of our lives thrive with repetition and consistency. Did you know that Steve Jobs wore the same thing to work everyday? Yes, it’s true. Why did he do this? It was one less decision he had to make. It was an opportunity to spend less energy, when his goals in life took so much of his energy. Why spend so much time choosing an outfit when we know what looks good already, and we can just repeat the same concept in order to get ready faster, without thought? We have to cut out the clutter and chaos from our lives as much as possible.

How repetition can give you an advantage with macro counting.

Here at Stay Fit Mom, we work with the most highly motivated and successful women. We have to cut out unnecessary chaos and disorganization from our lives. This is what successful people do: they minimize energy spent on trivial decisions and declutter both their physical and mental space in order to become quicker, more efficient and overall better versions of themselves. 

This same concept should be brought into our nutrition and fitness goals. We have clients frequently tell us, “I get bored with meal prep because I don’t want to eat the same thing more than once, or a couple of days in a row.” Along with, “I like to switch up my workout routine often so I don’t get bored.” Wanting some variety is totally understandable, don’t get me wrong. And quite frankly, we would rather you get movement in any form, rather than not get movement at all! However, I’m here to tell you, there’s a time for spontaneity and experimentation, but it’s not when you’re new to macro tracking, when you’re returning to macro tracking after taking time off, or when urgency to see results and move momentum is high. Spontaneity is earned with consistency and diligence. The unfortunate truth is that as long as we demand variety, our nutrition and physique goals will always come in second.

It is so important to keep it simple while learning how to track macros. Just learning to play macro tetris is daunting and energy draining all by itself. Don’t over complicate the process by trying to make multiple different meals every single day and putting yourself on the hook to cook every day. Prevent having to change your plan on the fly. Repetition is your friend, and will keep you from bringing unnecessary clutter and chaos into your nutrition. Keep your grocery list relatively simple and straightforward. This will save you time and energy, save your fridge and pantry space, and save your money. The more you keep your routine the same, the less likely it is that you will make errors. Repetition can be implemented when eating out frequently too. Stick to the less complicated, more simplistic dishes that are a bit safer to guesstimate and log.

The vast majority of restaurants have the option of ordering a protein, starch and vegetable. This is ALWAYS a dependable option, no matter the restaurant.

If you feel like it is really difficult to hit your macros or stick to the plan, the first thing you want to do is take a little bit of time to create three different templates for a day of eating in your food planning app, such as MacrosFirst or MyFitnessPal. If three days of eating feels daunting, try using the same day of eating but swapping out your dinners. Next, try getting creative with your lunches. Sandwiches, wraps and salads are very macro friendly options. So are Mexican bowls, pasta, a pizza made on tortilla shells, and chicken curry. Those are a few different options that can be made prepared with intentional variation and variety. Another option? Prep both chicken and beef at the beginning of the week, and eat them in different ways. With chicken alone, there are endless meal options that are all delicious. Pasta, chicken tacos, salads, wraps, chicken with a sweet potato and vegetables, chicken and rice, chicken salad, chicken with crackers and cheese, charcuterie style boards with chicken, you name it. The list goes on! And there are endless options with beef, pork, shrimp, tuna and fish as well. From there, that’s when you can add in those snacks and desserts that you know and love, as well. 

The bottom line is this: predictability is the simplest, most surefire way not only to hit your macros, but also lose body fat and build muscle, because predictability cuts out unnecessary clutter and chaos. Repetition is your best friend with both your nutritional plan and your workout routine. Set the template, troubleshoot it, and when it’s working well, keep doing it. 

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