How Much Weight Should I be Losing When I Count Macros?

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A healthy rate of weight loss is between ½ pound to 2 pounds per week depending on a number of factors.

Remember that macro counting is about REAL body composition changes (as we like to say looking good naked), which is NOT the same as losing water weight. It’s also important to mention the scale could stay consistently the same while you look like a whole new person. With macro counting we strive to preserve muscle mass while shedding fat. That muscle preservation is incredibly important, because as we age our muscle mass naturally deteriorates.

How much weight you can expect to loose while counting macros.

You have to be incredibly intentional to fight that muscle deterioration. Increases in muscle mass can lead to less body fat, a stronger immune system, and improved energy levels. However this goal of preserving muscle while burning fat will lead to a scale that bobbles. You will NOT see a new scale low every day. If you were to chart your scale trends everyday you would see upward spikes and stalls mixed in with your scale lows. 

What to expect when weighing daily #macros #fatloss #weightloss

Let’s go over a few tips to help keep your mind in this game when the scale isn’t being friendly.

  1. Expectations are everything. Expect the scale to bobble. You have to be willing to put in the consistency and wait regardless of what the scale says. 
  2. Compare weeks to weeks, not days to days. You want to be looking at a scale trend over weeks and months. When you first start macro counting you might see this huge drop week 1. Do not expect those huge drops to be the norm. Remember if you lose 5 pounds 1 week, you’ll likely be bobbling back up week 2 (remember that healthy average of ½ to 2 pounds per week.)
  3. Keep Track of your new scale lows! Maybe you’re used to seeing anywhere from 180-183 on the scale. But suddenly, you weigh one day and the scale says you weigh 178 Don’t you dare get upset when that scales back up to 181 in a few days, because it just means that your overall trend is moving in the right direction. You’re hitting new lows. 
  4. Day to day scale changes mean nothing. Our weight fluctuates day to day if we are on our period, had alcohol, consumed salty foods, didn’t get good sleep, haven’t pooped, haven’t drank enough water, about to get sick, the list goes on and on. Ignore it. 
  5. Be proactive, never reactive, towards the scale. Compare your long-term scale trend to your long-term focus and actions. Have you been consistent? Have you planned and prepped? Have you prioritized fiber, vegetables, sleep and water? 
How much weight you can expect to lose while counting macros.

Remember that the scale is ONE data point that we use to evaluate progress. Nobody walks around with their weight plastered to their forehead. Focus on how your clothes are fitting, your energy level, your sleep and a downward trend on the scale will just be an added bonus.

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