Making a Comeback with Macro Counting

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Are you coming off a fun and wild season and ready to become more structured with your nutrition goals?

We’re here to help you re-establish your rhythm. Many of us suffer from an “All or Nothing” mentality. And while that can be beneficial (when you’re in the ‘all’ phase, it’s also detrimental when you’re in the ‘nothing’ phase), especially when it comes to your nutrition!  You have to be in a place to accept failure in order to move forward. If you have a lot of anxiety thinking about getting back to it, because you know you won’t be as good as you were before, these tips are for you! 

1.  Start. Just take one step. Then turn one into two. If you don’t just start, you won’t go anywhere. 

Tips for tracking macros after a break.

2.  Do not set your goal at perfection. Leverage this time to practice, fail and learn.  Use the first few weeks to solidify your habits without the pressure of hitting your macros perfectly 7/7 days of the week. The first few weeks should be about getting the basic mechanics down and establishing rhythms again with grocery shopping for home cooked meals, water intake, and sleep. Continue to reiterate these basic steps until you are progressively getting better. 

3. Set small goals. What are some goals you can start that will set you up for success? Tailor these goals so that you can build momentum. Some examples of small goals can be: 

  • Hit macros within range 3 days during the week. 
  • Begin to establish a routine for meal planning.
  • Break the habit of eating out as frequently. 
  • Refrain from drinking during the week.
  • Take 3 walks.

4. Fail and Improve.  Some of the small goals you set for yourself initially, you may end up failing at, but every week try to improve. Instead of seeing failure as throwing in the towel completely, look at the next week as an opportunity to “fail less” than the week before. See failure as an opportunity to incrementally improve. Wait for the small goals to get easier before making them harder.

5. Achieving Small Goals Builds Momentum & Confidence. When you set achievable goals you’re proving to yourself that you can follow through and this character building is actually more valuable than achieving any goal in itself!

6. Up the Ante on Your goals. Once you have momentum and confidence on your side, you can then begin to up the ante on your goals. This might look like:

  • Increase consistency from 3/7 days within range to 5-6/7 days within range.
  • Take preparation more seriously.  Plan at least two to three meals each week (Use the monthly meal plan located in Guide 7 in the Ninja Insider group to help).
  • Increase exercise consistency and/or intensity.

7. Set boundaries and expectations with yourself and others around you. Part of getting back into the rhythm of prioritizing your nutrition is realizing that you can’t do it all.  Figure out what you can let go of so that you can execute your goals.  Read more about priorities HERE. Remember that prioritizing your nutrition will inevitably give you more time to do the things you love!

Tips for tracking macros after a break.

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