Micros VS Macros

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What’s more important, Micros or Macros?

We talk an awful lot about the importance of eating a macro-balanced diet, but truth be told we started our blog as avid Whole30ers (read more about the transition we made to macros HERE). While we are so grateful for the knowledge we have now, we are equally grateful for all the time we spent prioritizing food quality FIRST.  In fact, we think macros has benefited us so much because we knew going in, throwing food quality out the window would NEVER be an option for us.  

Prioritizing your MICROS

  1. First and foremost eat nutrient dense foods which include veggies, whole grains, dairy, nuts, and lean meats.
  2. Increase your vegetable intake (I know we mentioned this in number 1, but it’s worth mentioning again- see list below)
  3. Eat fortified enriched foods.  According to healthline.com, historically fortifying foods (nutrients added back in after being lost during food processing, i.e. milk fortified with vitamin D) has been successful in the U.S. when micronutrient deficiencies are present.  
  4. Take your vitamins.  See supplement list HERE.

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Tips for increasing vegetable intake

  • Make roasted vegetables part of your meal prep. (Recipe idea HERE)
  • Pre cut raw vegetables so they make for easy snacks
  • Use a vegetable chopper for quick chopping
  • Add veggies to sauces and soups (Recipe idea HERE)
  • Add a side salad to your meal
  • Blend with smoothies
  • Sub in spiralized vegetables (using a vegetable spiralizer ) or use spaghetti squash for pasta
  • Buy frozen, easy steam vegetables
  • Keep frozen vegetables in your freezer for adding to casseroles, soups, smoothies, etc.

We’re here to remind you it’s not MICROS VS. MACROS – it’s not one or the other. The magic happens when you COMBINE quality and quantity so you can look and feel your best.​​​​​​​

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