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Macro Counting

How to Hit Your Macros Exactly

I want to help make macros click for you. So many people struggle to hit their macros exactly their first few days, some even weeks and this initial adversity makes them want to throw in the towel. NOT TODAY. TODAY I’m going to give you sure fire tips and examples that will help you hit your macros within range!

When you get a set of macros, either from us, customized for your success, or from some other source, you want to be hitting your macros. This is drastically different from calorie counting where people typically just strive to eat less than their calorie allotment. Within range means you want to be hitting your protein within 5 grams either way. For example, your protein is set at 125g you should be eating anywhere from 120 to 130g. It goes the same with carbs- within 5 grams either way and with fats, we recommend within 2 grams either way. This is going to require you to play what we call MACRO TETRIS. 

Stick with me, I know it sounds intense. I promise it gets EASIER.

Tip number 1 and probably THE most important. You want to pre plan an entire day of eating in advance. You WILL NOT ALWAYS have to do this. The more knowledge you gain about which foods have which macros, the more recipes you become familiar with, the faster you’ll be able to crank this out. I’ve also tried out Chat GTP to help me do this!

Tip number 2. Know your single macro foods.

A picture of single macro foods.

Tip number 3. You need to think protein with every meal and snack. If you’re not doing this, you’ll likely be way under on protein, way over on fats and carbs. This is pretty much what an average American diet looks like with cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and pasta for dinner. When you are committed to hitting your protein goal from early on in the day, you won’t be stuck guzzling a bunch of ham, greek yogurt, and egg whites come the evening! Wondering how to go from 100g to 150g of protein? Click HERE.

Tip number 4: Embrace trial and error. It will take you longer to play the “macro tetris” game of hitting your macros exactly in the beginning. You may need to tweak portion sizes of foods.

Tip number 5: ENJOY your food freedom. There are a lot of hard things about macro counting. You’ve got to preplan in advance and your kitchen will probably have more dishes in the sink than it’s ever had, so if you’re not taking advantage of the fact that you can EAT ALL the food groups, the effort will not be worth it. Program in your favorite treats here and there or your early morning coffee with favorite creamer so you’re not feeling deprived.

Tip number 6: Use recipes where the macros are already pre calculated for you. We specialize in this!! Our recipes are typically high in protein and relatively balanced in carbs and fats. You can also manipulate serving sizes. We have free recipes available all over our blog HERE. You can also utilize our Monthly Macro Meals service to get a 20 macro calculated recipes delivered right to your email inbox every single month! All recipes are pre loaded in both Myfitnesspal & the Macrosfirst apps’ food databases for easy logging. 

Tip number 7: Repeat meals. Once you’ve got a great thing going, you can save that meal in MyFitnessPal and copy it to the next day. This will save you oodles of time! Find our exactly how to do this as well as other MyFitnessPal Tips and Tricks HERE.

Tip Number 8: Utilize our Macro Cheat Sheets for easy logging! Here we answer all sorts of questions like how to track meat, how to log rice, etc.

Don’t you dare quit because it feels overwhelming in the beginning. The perseverance is worth the reward! Macro tracking gets easier and easier and the results get better and better!

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