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Meet SFM Ninja Shelley! This client spotlight is a special one.

Shelley has been such a joy to coach! She came to SFM to reclaim her health in March 2021 after the devastating loss of her oldest daughter and 2 grandchildren to a drunk driver in October of 2020. Her positivity, grit and consistency are an inspiration every week.  As a mother of 7 children ranging from 31 to 4, she continues to prioritize her nutrition and exercise to live her best life. 

When she came to SFM, her sample day averages were: Protein: 99, Carbs: 222, Fat: 82 and 2020 Calories.  We started with a reverse and moved her up as high as 2178 Calories with Protein: 165, Carbs: 211, Fat: 75.  She just completed her second cut and we are now reversing back up.  Her cut macros were:  1848 Calories with Protein: 155, Carbs: 172, Fat: 60.  Her current macros are: Protein: 165, Carbs: 195, Fat: 70 at 2070 Calories.

macro counting client testimonial

Shelley radiates joy and determination.  She trusts the process and continues to do the work day in and day out.  It has been a privilege and a joy to work with this phenomenal woman! After a few weeks finding her rhythm counting macros, she started crushing her 7/7 Green Days and has not looked back since.  She only misses her macros a few times a year when she is on vacation. She plans ahead, enjoys herself and gets right back to crushing Green Days when she gets back.  
One of the best things about Shelley is that she refuses to let the scale dictate her success.  She has NEVER weighed for a check in in over a year! The only reference she needs is her AMAZING progress pictures!  

macro counting client testimonial

When did your weight loss journey begin? Tell us a little bit about your story and how you stumbled upon Stay Fit Mom.

Shelley: My weight loss Journey has been going off and on for years. I was super skinny when I was younger, gained during pregnancies, but also lost after pregnancies. I had great success with not eating after 2pm, then thyroid problems hit and lots of weight came on really fast. Keto helped a little but I was miserable. I gave up completely after losing my oldest daughter and 2 granddaughters to a drunk driver. I ate everything in sight. Talk about a lot a weight really fast! I was strolling TikTok when Tracy’s page popped up. I loved her energy. She was exactly what I needed. She offered something I could control when everything else seemed out of control. I signed up almost blindly, I had no idea what macros were. What did I have to lose?! Now I’m so glad I did!

You have been so consistent and steady throughout this process WITHOUT EVEN weighing weekly!!!  What keeps you going? 

Shelley: I don’t know why, I just really clicked with macros. The fact I could eat anything as long as the numbers fit was amazing to me. I tell everyone it’s like a game of Tetris. It was a rough start to tell the truth. I can’t tell you how many cans of tuna I ate the first few weeks to meet my protein goals. My fat goals were spent by lunch usually, so tuna came to my rescue. I love Mexican food so I added 2 carb balance tortillas everyday, no because of the low carb, but because it helped me meet my fiber goal. Refried beans were not going to work so I found fat-free refried beans. I just looked at my favorite foods and tweaked them to fit my goals. I don’t do “diet foods” at all. The first thing I input in the morning is a piece of key lime pie. Then if I need to I subtract from the pie at the end of the day I can. No one says you have to eat a full serving. There were nights I only got 20g of key lime pie, but I still got it!

We love that you don’t let the scale impact you.  Can you tell us why you chose not to weigh.

Shelley: Ugh the dreaded scale! I don’t know why everyone is so obsessed with that thing. It’s the devil! Has it ever made anyone feel good?! I read so many post about “they are up a pound or only down 2 pounds.” It sets me back mentally every time I have to step on one of those things for the doctor or whatever. Life is too short for something that I know will upset me. My clothes & pics tell a better story then that dreaded scale ever will. Take your pics every check-in, No excuses! You may not be in the right headspace to see the changes. TAKE THE DANG PHOTOS!

macro counting client testimonial

How has your macro journey impacted other areas of your life besides just needing a new wardrobe?

Shelley: It’s given me something to control when everything seemed out of control. It has improved my mood. I don’t take it too seriously if I screw up. If I go on vacation I enjoy my vacation and jump right back in as soon as I get back. If there is a party where there is liquor I know it’s a red day so I eat and drink what I want (usually Panda Express) then right back in the next day. No excuses. I had my fun now it’s back to my numbers. Usually by the end of my vacation I’m missing my macro food to tell you the truth. I truly eat things I like.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome when it comes to sticking to the plan?

Shelley: I drive a lot! 10-12 hours some days. I don’t usually have time to make me breakfast, lunch & dinner to take with me, so I need good drive thru options. I have a small scale that I carry in my purse.  I do what I got to do! Popeyes blackened chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy, Sonic grilled wrap with no dressing(I will run into a store & grab some fat free dressing if I didn’t bring any with me), chicken fajita meat with my carb balance tortillas (always have a package of them in my car), chilled boiled shrimp from a deli. MFP is my constant companion. Where there is a will there is a way. If the restaurant isn’t listed I find something comparable & use it. I always use a restaurant option, not a home cook option, on the MyFitnessPal when eating out. Restaurants usually have more fat than the home cooked ones.

You’re one of the MOST consistent clients that we have.  What advice do you have for those that struggle with consistency?

Shelley: Make it a priority. Quit trying to just eat “diet foods.”  Have some quick go to options that you love. I’m not good at meal prepping. I wish I was. I never know what I’m going to want day to day, so I plan daily. I’m not kidding, I start with some kind of dessert, usually my key lime pie. I know that if I go off the rails during the day that pie is getting smaller & smaller. It happens that I only get 5 watermelon jelly beans but that was my choice. 

macro counting client testimonial

What keeps you signing up for coaching over and over again with Coach Kristi?

Shelley: Coach Kristi is amazing! She listens to my concerns and talks me off the ledge of negativity many times. Usually after a vacation when I’m paying for my fun. She is so uplifting when she replies. Most check-ins I don’t see any change, but she points out what I’ve missed. If I feel like I’m eating too much or not enough she explains the process. Reminds me to trust the program. She is stuck with me!

Many people believe that macro tracking is just for super athletes or body builders.  Any advice for anyone considering trying to count their macros?

Shelley: I think Macros are for everyone. It was very scary in the beginning, because it was so much to eat & learn the process. Your mind is telling you that there is no way eating this much is going to help you lose weight. Give yourself time to learn. Don’t give up the first week because you screwed up. Just jump back in, learn from those mistakes, and take control. You can do this! P.S. TAKE THE DANG PHOTOS!

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  1. Thats amazing! When I was doing 1on1 coaching with sfm I remember seeing her pictures! She was and is an inspiration!

  2. This is so awesome! I love to see client wins and especially wins like this where the pictures tell the story! And learning how to live a BALANCED life is SO important! Bring able to go out and eat what you’d like but getting right back on track the next day and continuing on! That is the beauty of macros! Way to go Shelly!