25 Days of Macros Challenge

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Join us for our 4th annual Stay Fit Mom 25 Days of Macros Challenge!  It is always such huge hit, and we personally love the accountability this time of year. It’s totally FREE to join and participate. However, each year we gift one of our current registered clients, who completes the challenge, a $200 gift card!!  So as you’re stuffing yourself with turkey and pie the next few days you can mentally prepare for this fun challenge to start Saturday, November 28th!

This is the most challenging time of year to stay committed and hit your macros, so we want to help motivate you to do so.  Let’s avoid the few extra pounds most people put on during these next few weeks attending holiday party after holiday party. Commit to staying on track for 25 days and you’ll be so glad you did!

This challenge is FREE and open to everyone to participate, however, only current clients who complete this challenge will be entered to win the $200 Amazon gift card.

Here’s the details:

  • Join our free Macro Nutrition Facebook group here so we can all encourage and help each other. We are happy to help with any questions, give meal ideas, support, and much more! A lot of our current clients are in the free group and help answer and support you all also. We really do have the best community!!
  • Print your free 25 Days of Macros Calendar and cross off the days as you go! Each day also includes a different bonus challenge we encourage you to try.
  • As all our current and past clients know, hitting your macros within range means within 5g (+/-) both carbs and protein, and 2g (+/-) fat.
  • BLACK FRIDAY sale happening now through Sunday, Nov 29th!! If you need help setting your macros so you can join in on the challenge purchase the custom macro count on sale!
  • We also have a Guide to Counting Macros on Your Own on sale that will walk you step by step through setting your own macros and adjusting them weekly just as we do with out clients.

Current Client Amazon Gift Card Eligibility: 

  • You must hit your macros within range all 25 Days (Nov. 28 – Dec. 22) on your tracker to be eligible to win. (You know, ALL the GREEN)
  • All clients who hit all 25 days will be entered into the random drawing. Look for the post in the Ninja Facebook group December 22nd to enter to win the giftcard. The winner will be randomly selected December 23rd!

If you have completed a 6 week macro coaching group with us before and want to jump in with our Macro Ninjas for this challenge register HERE(don’t forget to select your previous coach)! We’d love to have you back and help you get a jump start on your 2021 goals!

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