Family Friendly Zion National Park Trip

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My family has been traveling to Zion National Park for years. I have been over a dozen times and EVERY time I go the beauty still takes my breath away.  When I hear of Las Vegas locals or really anybody that lives within driving distance not having made the trip, it’s my number one suggestion.   Being the third most visited national park in all of the U.S., thousands of people from all over the world travel to admire the gorgeous views, exceptional hiking, slot canyons, and river fun!  Just two hours and 40 minutes from Vegas, makes this destination a MUST SEE for the whole family.

Family friendly trip to Zion by

Where do we stay?

Our favorite spot to stay is at Watchman campground right in the park!  It’s only $30/ night (most affordable option) and they have electric hookups.  You’ll want to book 6 months in advance as spots fill up extremely quick!  If you happen to see a river site available, GRAB it!  That being said, there are a number of campgrounds, as well as RV resorts (Zion River Resort) outside the park, but they’re more expensive. 

If camping isn’t your thing check for hundreds of options in every price range!  

Family friendly trip to Zion by

What’s the best time of year to go?

You really can’t go wrong visiting Zion anytime of year so long as you’re prepared for the weather.  In the summer months, it’s EXTREMELY hot (100 degrees).  Our pop up camper has AC and I’m not sure I could withstand the heat without it.  Like I said, most (if not all) of the sites in Watchman have electric hook ups, so at the very least bring a fan with you.  Mid day you’ll want to find shade, but we love going in the summer MOST because we enjoy playing in the river all day long.  Hiking the narrows in the summer was most ideal as well.  If you go in the fall or winter months be prepared for cold weather.  For these trips we bring space heaters and spend the majority of our day hiking.

Family friendly trip to Zion by

What’s there to do?

Hike:  Zion is mostly known for it’s world class hiking.  Chris and I have done almost all of them.   Angels Landing, Observation Point, and the Narrows WITHOUT our kids.  Click for Narrows tips!

Find all the Narrows tips you need for Zion National Park by by Stay Fit Mom.

With our little ones we enjoy the Riverside Walk, Emerald Pools, and Weeping Rock.  When our kiddos were little I remember our oldest just wanting to ride the shuttle back and forth all day.  The shuttle service is extremely convenient but expect big crowds and start early.

Family friendly trip to Zion by

Bike:  We never forget our bikes when we head to Zion.  Our kids love to ride around the campground everyday.  Now that I’ve got my SixThreeZero EVRYjourney bike, the whole family looks forward to cruising.  The Pa’Rus trail is the perfect family bike trail for all ages.  My 69 year old step dad and my 3 year old (in the seat behind me) got to enjoy the magnificent views Zion had to offer.  You can also cruise into Springdale to grab lunch or an ice cream.  The shuttle services will also pick up your bike if you get tired of riding.  With SixThreeZero, biking as a family makes every adventure more memorable.  What I’m loving most about my EVRYjourney so far:

Family friendly trip to Zion by
  1. Staying active while taking my whole family along.  I love being able to move without wrecking my body.  I’m closing my apple watch exercise rings regularly and crushing my step goals!
  2. Comfort meets commuter: 7 speeds to get me to my destination efficiently and in style!  I always have people complementing my ride on the trail!
  3. Miles of adventure to look forward to.  Every trip we have planned has me looking up family friendly bike trails!

If you want to get yours, head to SixThreeZero to design your very own show stopper!

River Fun:  If you go in the summer months bring your bathing suit because you’ll want to live in the river!  Our kids bring sand toys and love swimming, floating, and this year even swinging (off a tree swing) down the river! 

Family friendly trip to Zion by

Visit Springdale:  While we almost ALWAYS make our own meals and hang in the campground, a few times we’ve ventured into Springdale to walk around, have dinner (The Spotted Dog) and/or dessert.  There’s a bike path that runs through the artsy town, easily accessible from the campground, and it’s adorable.

Join @stayfitmom_Krista and @stayfitmom_Tracy on Instagram as we share our travel adventures in real time! Head to​​​​​​​ to reserve your campsite today!  Let me know if you’ve got any other Zion suggestions.  I’d love to hear them!

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