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Protein Crepes

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I didn’t waste any time learning how to make crepes! I got my new Crepe Pro on Friday and immediately began using it. It was really easy to get going and it’s been so much fun! Brett and I are the pros but all my kids are loving it. I’m so glad I found the Crepe Pro and I can’t wait for all the fun creations we’re going to come up with. For now, creating a protein packed crepe was priority number one and I think I’ve nailed it!

I plan to spend every weekend making crepes. Out with the pancakes, in with the crepes! But really, I’ve been dying to learn to make them and almost ordered a random pan on Amazon so many times this past year. One day I came across the @crepepro on Instagram and just couldn’t stop watching all their videos. I was convinced it was the best way to go, and now here I am with my very own! I have the CrepePro full kit but it also comes in a mini. It goes right on my gas stove and is heavy weight, so it doesn’t tip or anything. When I’m all done with it, it slides right underneath my cookie sheets for easy storage. If you want to order one I ased for a discount code for you!! Use code>>> stayfitmom and get 20% off your Crepe Pro! You guys this is a great deal I hope you all take advantage of! Make crepes with your kids too!

The kids and I experimented with 3 or 4 different recipes before I settled on this one. I wanted to make sure it was protein packed and not to heavy on the fat. After making adjustments to a few recipes I found online, these are the winners! Not a ton of ingredients either! One batch makes 6 large crepes on my Crepe Pro. I’ve got the recipe in Myfitnesspal for you already so you can log them per gram, cooked! Small, medium, or large, easy logging and tracking for all you macro counters!

The kids love them with a bit of butter and brown sugar, rolled up like a burrito. I have been making savory ones with feta cheese, spinach, pesto, turkey, ham, cheddar, red onion, etc. Some of my favorite versions will be coming to the blog soon I’m sure. For now, let’s master the crepe itself!

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  • Reply Jessica November 10, 2019 at 11:18 am

    I grew up with my dad making the most perfect crepes. I was very skeptical of how these protein crepes would measure up. They were AMAZING! I love that I have an option with more protein and they still taste so good!

    • Reply Krista November 10, 2019 at 2:08 pm

      I’m so glad you approve of them Jessica! Thanks for taking the time to share and enjoy your new higher protein crepes!

  • Reply Trisa W Swenson March 4, 2020 at 2:14 pm

    I have made crepes my whole life. My recipe has fewer carbs and fat but far lower protein. My recipe works well when you only need a few of these macros. My favorite for breakfast, dessert, dinner, whenever!

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