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For this week’s Mom Crush we got ahold of a Paleoschmaleo’s Kim Adams!  Kim shares with us how Paleoschmaleo got started and how she balances healthy living and the family life.
Inspirational Mommies- Moms who balance family life with fitness

SFM: Tell us about yourself.

Kim: When asked this question it’s always hard to answer!  You can go with the: I’m a 5’2”, 115 pound women with green/yellow eyes and blonde hair.  Or you can go with the: I’m a hard working mother and wife.  Full blown Libra.  Hate confirmation, but will be the biggest ear when you need someone to talk to or about!  I tend to be laid back, but up for any adventure.  I can be a smart ass, but it’s all in good fun.

Paleoschmaleo's Kim Adams talks about how to balance healthy eating and motherhood

SFM: Where did you grow up?

Kim:  I grew up in Torrance California and went to Torrance High School.  There I met my husband and most of my really good friends to this day.  I’m currently still in Torrance with my family.


SFM: How many kids do you have?

Kim:  We have two great kids.  Hailey (8 years old) is an awesome free spirt and is my easy going kid (aren’t most of the 1st kids).  Then we have Chloe (4 years old) she is my little spit fire.  I swear she will be some ones boss some day!Moms who balance healthy living with motherhood. This week feature's Paleoschmaleo's Kim Adams!


SFM: What inspired your journey for health and fitness?

Kim:  I wanted to shed baby #2 weight originally jumped on the paleo bandwagon for results on the scale and to fit into my clothes better. But once I started digging into the layers of Paleo and getting more educated on how important it is to eat clean, then the scale didn’t matter so much. It became more about what I was actually feeding our body in making sure I was providing it the right REAL fuel to live a healthier lifestyle rather than jumping on that scale, counting calories, looking at fat content, etc. After 45 days were up and I looked and felt better than ever as well as seeing a major improvement in crossfit workouts then there was no turning back! I was hooked!

SFM: How did you gals come up with the idea for PaleoSchmaleo?

Kim:  It didn’t take long for our non-paleo friends to get sick of seeing our food pictures so we decided to collaborate on a joint Instagram account to cater to people who actually wanted to see our food journey and for anyone who is interested in the paleo/primal lifestyle…we figured it would be awesome to join in this community with our Instagram for support and help spread the seed to any newbies! And now we are excited to be branching out into a blog!The Women of Paleoschmaleo

Check out their blog here!Screenshot 2015-09-04 11.32.52

SFM: How long have you been crossfitting for and how’d you get hooked?

Kim:  I started with a $50.00 On-Ramp program at Crossfit TSAC and thought, “Hey I’ll do this for one month and get some good workouts in then move on to the next thing.” Boy was I wrong, it’s been a little over 4 years now and I couldn’t think about quitting or giving up!  It has made my body feel and look the way I have always wanted it to be.  It only took me 35 years to figure that one out!Moms who balance healthy living with motherhood. This week feature's Paleoschmaleo's Kim Adams!

SFM: Are you 100% paleo?

Kim:  Nope!  I shoot for the 80/20 approach.  I like my alcoholic beverages (anyone with kids can feel me) every now and then and things like dairy do not bother my stomach so I enjoy the Primal (Paleo, but with grassfed dairy included) way of life also.

SFM:  How do you balance eating healthy, working out, PaleoSchmaleo, and your family?

Kim:  It’s not always easy!  But if you want something hard enough you will fight for it. The past 12 years I have worked for a general contractor in West LA and love it!  I work from 5:30am-12pm so I can pick the girls up from school.  Perfect schedule for me.  Beating the traffic on the 405 is an important part of my day. J I get home early enough to get dinner started and prepped, so when I get home from Crossfit dinner is served!  My husband and I both do Crossfit, so we do what we call a “Kid swap”.  I do the 5PM class and he does the 6PM class.  We live down the street from the gym, so he brings the kids to the 6PM class and I jump in that car and take them home.  It has worked for the past 4 years and I wouldn’t change a thing!  Bonus: on Tuesday we have a Crossfit Kids class at 5PM so we ALL do Crossfit that day at the same time.  Getting the kids active is important to us.Moms who balance healthy living with motherhood. This week feature's Paleoschmaleo's Kim Adams!

SFM: What advice do you have for other Mamas that want to shed the baby weight or are looking to get in shape?

Kim:  Do your research!  Not all Crossfit gyms are the same.  Most gyms will allow you to do a drop in, so test the waters.  Hit a couple of them and find your home.  It helps to bring a friend so you can suffer, I mean workout together.  This goes for all gyms if Crossfit is not your thing.  I have always hated yoga, but I tried and heated sculpt class and LOVED it, so think outside your box and even step out of it!  Most importantly have a good mind set, love yourself and your body, know your limits and trust your instincts!


SFM: Health and fitness is a journey that you’ve openly shared on your instagram account and blog, what’s been your favorite part of the experience?

Kim:  Seeing results from other people.  Getting emails from people saying how we helped them through a rough time and how our recipes and story has inspired them to try something new.  Meeting so many other Paleoish people and making so many new friends I would have NEVER had without this journey. We keep doing all of this because it’s fun.  We both agreed when it’s no longer a good time then we will let it go…Paleoschmaleo's Kim Adams shares how she balances a healthy lifestyle and being a mom to two little girls!


Thank you for chatting with us this week Kim!

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