How to eat 140 grams of protein without eating dairy. #protein #macros #countingmacros
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How I Eat 140 Grams of Protein Daily Without Dairy

Hitting your protein goal WITHOUT dairy or protein shakes can definitely be problematic! When I was diagnosed with Hashimotos in 2019, I had to cut dairy and gluten out of my diet. This was a huge change from how I was eating. I had to replace my greek yogurt and taco toppings (goodbye, beloved sour cream & cotija cheese!). It was tricky in the beginning, but over time I was able to figure out how to reach my protein goal rather easily. 

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How to stock your freezer for Macro Success: The Do’s, Don’ts and How To’s.

Having a stocked freezer sets you up for macro success! Whether you’re not feeling inspired to cook, coming home from a trip, or haven’t made it to the grocery store to make dinner, having those freezer meals readily available can make all the difference. If you’re ready to start building up your freezer stash, we’re here to help!

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macro friendly Mississippi chick in your slow cooker or pressure cooker #stayfitmom #slowcookerrecipe #instantpotrecipe #chickenrecipe
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Mississippi Chicken {Slow Cooker or Pressure Cooker}

This is one of my favorite shredded chicken recipes. It’s super simple to make and packed with flavor. This one made our camping menu a few weeks ago and my whole family ate it up. This recipe also makes for a great freezer meal. If you have lots of leftovers throw it in the freezer and warm up again another day!

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home workouts that require minimal equipment #stayfitmom #crossfit #homeworkout

Weekly Workout

We’re melting in Las Vegas. Basically I stay inside between the hours of 10:00 a.m. -7:00 p.m. unless we’re going swimming. Seriously. Good thing the other 3 seasons are so wonderful. If you don’t have a rower for this one substitute a run (if it’s bearable where you live) or bike for the 3 minutes each round. Have fun!

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How to hit your macros while being gone all day!
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Hitting Your Macros out of a Cooler All Day

If you live a full life, chances are there will be days when you are on the go ALL DAY LONG.  If that’s the case, don’t you dare think your ONLY option is hitting up the drive thru or concession stand.  You can hit your macros just fine living out of a cooler.  Today, we’re bringing you our favorite on-the-go food storage gadgets as well as our favorite on-the-go recipes for hitting your macros out of a cooler all day.

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A simple pressure cooker meal that is protein packed! #stayfitmom #coconutcurry #instantpotrecipe
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Coconut Chicken Curry

If you’re looking for a gluten free, dairy free recipe this one is for you! Coach Lindsay insisted this one go on the blog next so here it is! This one made its debut in cookbook 2, Home Cooked Meals for Every Macro Budget, and doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It’s a super simple recipe and so good!

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