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Shut Up and Keep Working

“I’ve been hitting my macros every day for 2 weeks and the scale hasn’t budged. I’m so frustrated.”

“I have too much weight to lose to not see the scale decreasing by now. This isn’t working for me.”

“If I don’t see the number on the scale go down soon I’m done.”

These are common phrases we see often.

Guess what? The scale might not move quickly for you. The scale might not move AT ALL for the first few weeks or even MONTHS when you start macro counting. IT DOESN’T MATTER. THE SCALE ISN’T THE BEST TOOL FOR MEASURING PROGRESS.

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Home crossfit style workouts that require no equipment! #stayfitmom #homeworkout #crossfitworkout
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Weekly Workout

Most of our workouts require little to no equipment. However, if you have some equipment at home we’d like to start giving you the option to use it. I’m going to start programming in some cardio calories. If you have a piece of equipment that calculates calories burned(rower, assault bike, etc.), use it. If you don’t, you will just sub in burpees or running.

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Finally losing weight with PCOS counting macros #stayfitmom #PCOS #macrodeit
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Macros + PCOS

Even though I have not seen the scale drastically drop, my motivation to count my macros continues for a variety of reasons. Because I count macros:

  • I have energy I have not had in years!
  • I’m stronger!
  • My fatigue is gone!
  • My body composition has improved.
  • I’ve lost several inches.
  • My clothes fit better and many are too big!
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Home crossfit style workouts that require no equipment! #stayfitmom #homeworkout #crossfitworkout
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Weekly Workout

I have a serious love hate relationship with our new assault bike. Mostly love because it’s challenging me and working my quads like crazy. I wish I would have listened to Chad back in March when he said we should order one. I’ve been on it every day since it arrived last week. Nothing makes my heart race like this bike! If you’ve ever thought about getting one, I highly recommend it.

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Home crossfit style workouts that require no equipment! #stayfitmom #homeworkout #crossfitworkout
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Weekly Workout

Chad and I did a similar workout on Saturday and I actually loved it. I was a little worried about the 1 mile runs but they weren’t bad. Then again I’m not a very fast runner so I was going very slow. It was a nice long workout I could pace. These are my favorite kind. Give it a try!


For time:

  • 1 mile run
  • 50 candlesticks (click to see demo)
  • 150 double unders
  • 50 candlesticks
  • 1 mile run

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Equipment Needed: jump rope for the double unders

Modification Options: Scale down the runs as need. This workout should be between 25-45 minutes. If you know the mile runs will take you too long, scale down to 800-1200 meters instead. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​As always you can do single unders instead of doubles. If doing singles, do 300 jumps.

Use code: weeklyworkout and save $5 on our 6 Week At Home Workout Program

Interested in macro nutrition coaching? Learn more about our program and get registered today!

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Eliminating birthday stress with Defy Las Vegas
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Leaving Birthday Party Stress Behind

I’ll never forget my oldest’s first birthday party. It was a cowboy theme and I brought out all the stops. I’m talking vinyl letters from the Cricut Machine and handmade with love table decorations along with matching gift bags. While it was beautiful, my most prominent memory of the Etsy extravaganza was how relieved I was it was over.

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Copycat Bobbie

These little copycat Capriotti’s Bobbie sandwiches are so good! These first made an appearance in our Ninja Exclusive recipes unit back in Fall of 2019. If you’re a current client, or Ninja Insider member, make sure you’re utilizing the exclusive recipes at your disposal in the Facebook group. You get all our best recipes, FIRST as a Ninja Insider. There are some really good ones in there! All the macros are calculated for you and in MyFitnessPal!

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