succeeding with macro counting through community
Macro Counting

Leveraging the Stay Fit Mom Community

Coach Whitney here. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the season of life I’m in and my own macro journey.  To be completely honest, I’m struggling.  I have taken a new job at work.  We are under contract on a new home.  I haven’t sold my current one yet.  There is A LOT going on.  Finding the time and dedication to my macro journey is something that I am struggling with on a daily basis, but with that struggle my eyes have been opened through client check ins and other women in this community.  I am amazed and inspired by the absolute RESOLVE some of our clients have.  More than anything, I tried to do some reflection to prepare for this to figure out how do I draw some of that FROM them to HELP MYSELF?!  

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Losing weight with macro counting.
Client Spotlight, Macro Counting

The Missing Link to My Journey

My health and weight loss journey began shortly after I got married 12 years ago. I knew that I needed to
lose weight, but it didn’t really hit me until I struggled to find a wedding dress that fit me well. I desperately needed to make a change, but losing weight was so hard and I did not know where to begin. The overwhelming world of dieting caused me to stay stuck in my old ways, and I found myself in the same place that I was the day that I went wedding dress shopping the year before.

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1 hour instant pot black beans. No soaking required #stayfitmom #instantpot #blackbeans #instantpotrecipe
Macro Friendly Recipes, Recipes, Side Dish

Instant Pot Black Beans

If you aren’t making your own beans, you’re missing out. Trust me when I say, it’s so easy! I’ve made pinto beans for years now, and my whole family loves them. We can’t have a taco night without them. I finally picked up some black beans at the store last week so I could try them using the same method in my pressure cooker that I’ve used for my pinto beans for many years. Wow! They cooked perfectly and they’re really delicious. These Instant Pot black beans are a must try!

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Why waiting for Motivation is holding you BACK.
Macro Counting

Motivation is an Unreliable Emotion

When it comes to buzz words, MOTIVATION is a pretty commonly used one.  ESPECIALLY when it comes to nutrition and training.  I’m pretty sure I’ve watched multiple Gatorade and Nike commercials centered around it, plus countless social media posts and time and time again in comes up in my client’s weekly check ins.

And the vast majority of the time when it’s used in real life and not advertising, it’s used in the negative: “I’m lacking motivation” or “I’m just not feeling motivated.” Or even, “HOW do I get motivated?”

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Habit Stacking and Tracking Macros
Macro Counting

Habit Stacking and Counting Macros

Habit Stacking is a great tool that can be utilized in macro counting.

As coaches, we want all of our clients to be successful and get the results they desire. I often suggest the book, Atomic Habits by James Clear, to my clients who seem to be struggling with nailing down consistency in nutrition, meal planning or workouts. This book has opened my eyes to how we function, how habits work, and most importantly, how to make new habits and how to break ones that are not serving us. 

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Is Macro counting a fad?
Macro Counting

Counting Macros: A lifestyle or a fad?

What does a “healthy lifestyle” look like?

And what is “eating healthy?” 

Can we eat candy in moderation even though it’s mainly sugar and offers very little nutritional benefit? Maybe a couple of peanut butter cups after a protein and fiber packed dinner? How about a small pack of Skittles while at the movie theater with family?  There’s something to say for balance between all foods, and a healthy mental state. 

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How accurate is body fat testing?
Macro Counting

Body Fat Testing Accuracy

So you just bought a new scale on Amazon and HOW FUN it has a body fat percentage capability! What a great additional way to track your progress! You’ve heard people talk about their body fat percentage and now you have yours available to be found right in your bathroom. Seems too good to be true! Because, unfortunately, it is.

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