A replica of one pound of muscle VS one pound of fat.
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The Difference Between Muscle and Fat

Is a pound of muscle more than a pound of fat? No, but the real difference lies in the density. Muscle is 18% more dense than fat which is VITAL to understand when you’re trying to lose weight! You might find that your weight doesn’t change much or even increases as you get fitter because of this.

Muscle burns calories at REST while fat is simply storing energy. That’s why having more muscle mass can boost your metabolism and help you burn more calories. 

When you monitor your nutrition and pair it with strength training you’re not only boosting your metabolism, but you’re also protecting yourself against disease, improving your bone health, and reducing your risk for injury.

A transformation photo.

What does this mean? Your weight on the scale cannot possibly be your only indicator of success.  Because muscle is more dense than fat, it is absolutely possible to become healthier, stronger, and fitter without seeing a significant change in your weight. 

The next time you let the scale disappoint you, I want you to remember THIS.

A replica of one pound of muscle VS one pound of fat.

If you’re struggling to see past the number on the scale, pay close attention to these things:

  • How do you FEEL?
  • Are your workouts getting easier?
  • Do your clothes fit better?
  • Is your coach and others noticing your progress?
  • Are you noticing the small changes in your physique?

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