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More Than Macros Retreat Workshops

We want you to leave our retreat with more than an awesome swag bag and amazing new friendships. We want to send you off with tangible, real life tools we use to live a healthier lifestyle. Take a look at the four workshops we have planned for July! We have a few tickets still available and hope to see you there!

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Screen Free Summer

First let me start by saying my kids are NOT having a screen-free summer. If you watch my stories on Instagram at all, you know that survival is the number one goal in The Gifford household. That being said, I am all about finding what motivates my kids, and using that to make them better humans.

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More Than Macros Retreat

July 9th-12th 2019

The Stay Fit Moms

Limited Availability!

Only 20 Spots Available!


kanarraville falls hike

paddle boarding

Swag Bags


It was such a great, refreshing time. So many great conversations and laughs. I was inspired to step outside my comfort zone and try new things and to just do better.
Stacy Farquhar
I loved going into the weekend as strangers and leaving as friends. The hiking, the food, the conversations were amazing. I really feel that the retreat changed my life for the better. I loved being able to meet the Stay Fit Moms in person!
Calinda Moran
It was an amazing experience that changed my life. I felt so empowered by all the like minded women who were there. It was truly transformative, physically and mentally, and I appreciate you ladies so much!
Brandi Owens
Las Vegas, NV
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Light Italian Summer Salad

Summer is finally here and it doesn’t even feel like it! Are you sick of hearing all us west coasters talk about the unusually cool weather yet? My husband and I are taking advantage of it this first week of summer and trying to revamp our backyard a bit. We might kill each other by the end of it but I’m hoping it’s a project we finish. We’ve wanted to build a gazebo for some time now and we’ve finally decided to make it happen. Speaking of make it happen, I’ve been wanting to share this tasty new light Italian summer salad for a while now and I feel like it’s the appropriate time. Hello summer!

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Stay Fit Mom Staff
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Meet the Stay Fit Mom Macro Coaches

At Stay Fit Mom we believe our coaching staff is second to none.  Each coach has been extensively trained to implement the Stay Fit Mom macro nutrition program which has yielded our clients incredible results for years.  Every client’s nutrition program is individualized based on the their own specific needs and lifestyle.  The coaches each bring a unique skill set to the team, all while maintaining our highest objective.  We want the best for every single client that steps into our community.  Each coach has personally participated in the Stay Fit Mom nutrition program while seeing remarkable results for themselves.  As you’ll soon read below, our coaches are passionate and enthusiastic about helping others, but they are also parents who are open and honest about their own struggles with balancing health and fitness while raising a family, and it’s this vulnerability that sets us apart.

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Why it's so important to include your kids in the cooking. #stayfitmom #kidscooking

Why Your Kids Should Be Cooking

Yes, letting your kids use the stove and sharp knives can be dangerous.  You know what else is dangerous? Not teaching them and setting them up for failure in the kitchen. Not doing everything you can to help prevent obesity. Not sparking their interest for preparing their own food. Those things are far more dangerous in my book.

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The truth about gossip from
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Want the Juicy Gossip?

There was a time in my life when I believed you weren’t on the “inside” unless you knew the “inside scoop” about everybody.  For a long time I had a FALSE sense of connection with other women when I would partake in gossip.  Even writing that down makes me feel icky, but I wouldn’t be writing it down at all if I believed this problem was unique to me. 

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Bikini Bod Challenge 2019

Everyone wants to look their best for swimsuit season, why not surround yourself with a bunch of ladies with the same goal? There are strength in numbers and we truly believe so many of our clients do so well because of the amazing support from all the supportive women in our coaching groups. If you’re looking to feel your best and gain a little confidence by losing a few pounds, join in on our 2nd annual bikini bod challenge!

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Macro friendly, high protein chicken wraps. #stayfitmom #macrodiet #macrofriendly #healthyrecipe
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Grilled Chicken Wrap

Do you know what I love most about counting my macros? I have the power to fill them with whatever foods I want. I choose to fill my macros with high quality foods, most of the time, because that’s what makes me feel best. Healthy products like Tessemae’s marinades and dressings give me the most bang for my macro buck! A little bit of their tasty dressings go a long way, as you’ll see here in my new grilled chicken wrap recipe.

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