Is Your Goal Weight Realistic?

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Have you made awesome progress toward your goals, but still find yourself dissatisfied and chasing a specific number on the scale? 

If you find yourself targeting a specific weight, it is important to take a mental inventory of why you like that weight. We all have weights that we are attached to for a variety of reasons.  ​​​​​​​

  • Wedding Day? Pre-Baby?
  • High School?
  • Started Dating Your Hubby?  
  • Felt your strongest?  
  • Ran your fastest?
  • Competed at your best?

Some of these are valid and some are less realistic. Here is a list of questions to think about if you are chasing a specific number:

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Have you ever weighed that amount as an adult? 

 If the answer is no, you may be setting yourself up for unrealistic expectations and disappointment.  We are all built differently.  If you chose a weight from an archaic weight and height chart, you know other people who weigh that amount, or it “sounds good,” it is time to rethink it.  We encourage you to manage your progress by how your clothes fit, your measurements, progress pictures and how you feel, not by an arbitrary number that may not be a good fit for your body. 

When was the last time your weight was in that range?

If the answer is more than 10 years ago and you have been through life changes like having babies, lifting weights, stress, a medical diagnosis or just aging, success might look different now than it did then.  It is important to remember that you are not the same person you were 10 or 20 years ago.  (This is good news!) Your life has likely changed in incredible ways!  Reflecting on a snapshot in time and desiring to look like someone you once were discounts the entirety of who you have become.  You would never expect your friends, husband or kids to be “just like they were” 10 years ago.  We shouldn’t do that to ourselves either. It is a forfeiture of all that we have endured…scars, joys, struggles, and victories.  

Is there a specific time in your life that you associate with that weight?

  What other things in your life have changed besides your weight?  If you felt happier then, it is unlikely that it was because you weighed 10 pounds less.  What other changes can you make to find greater joy in your life? 

How long did you stay at that weight?

If you didn’t get there in a way that was sustainable, that weight may not be a healthy, sustainable weight for you.  If you crashed off a lot of weight by severe restriction or extreme measures and could not maintain it, it is time to re-evaluate your goal. 

Do you want to look more fit? 

 Are you stronger at a higher weight?  Are your workouts better?  Heavier women can look leaner because 5 pounds of muscle takes up less space than 5 pounds of fat.  Women with more muscle have more strength! (Pic of fat/muscle) 

Is it possible that your body does better at a higher weight because you are stronger, healthier and more capable of doing the things you need to do for work and life?  This picture of Tracy is proof that a higher weight can look and feel better!

Is life “easier” with a few more pounds?  Can you participate in vacations and special events?  Can you eat an enjoyable amount of food while maintaining your weight?  Are your energy levels better?  Are you less stressed?  If the life you live is better and more balanced 10 pounds above your “goal weight,” it might be better to seek progress with strength and body composition rather than the scale.

If you are still wanting to get to that number after reviewing these questions, you will likely have to dial in months of HIGH consistency to get there. (More on that here.) The last 10 pounds are often the hardest to shed.  Sometimes it is worth it to tighten up your macros and chase that goal.  Sometimes it isn’t. It is completely up to you which path you choose and we are here to help you on your journey!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​

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