Meatloaf 2.0

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The very first Stay Fit Mom recipe to go viral was meatloaf. Who would have thought? It was pinned A LOT on Pinterest. I wish I could say how many times but I’m not sure how to even find that number anymore. Take my word for it. It was a hit. When it was time for the first SFM cookbook to make it’s debut I decided to give the Easy Paleo Homestyle Meatloaf a makeover. Hence the new name, meatloaf 2.0.

If I’m being honest it’s pretty much the same recipe. I swapped the almond flour for oat flour to save some fat, but that’s pretty much it. We’re no longer on the Paleo train around here so I mostly wanted to give it a new name and remind everyone how good it is.

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As always this recipe can be easily logged in Myfitnesspal if you’re into that kind of thing. Just go to the food database and search for it like you would any other food. Type in, “Stay Fit Mom Meatloaf 2.0”.

You can even find the meal prep version of this one in my Instagram REELS. Mini Meatloaf Meal Prep. It’s a fun way to make it ahead of time.

I hope you love the recipe! As always I love to see what you’re cooking! Tag us on Instagram or leave a comment below! Thank you!

This recipe is from cookbook 1, Stay Fit Mom’s Favorite Recipes. Find many more macro calculated recipes in my books below!

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  1. Unfortunately our stove took a bit longer for it to cook. After 45 min it was only around 125° in the center. Otherwise, it was super good!