How to Deal with the Afternoon Slump

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Ever feel like you’re ready to crash mid-day?  We’re here to help.  First, don’t be overwhelmed.  Pick one of the following things to work on this week.  As time passes you can add more.

  1. Get more sleep.  We get it, sleep is a commodity that might not be at your disposal during this phase of life, but if it’s at all possible, it’s something that HAS to be prioritized.  Try controlling the things you can.  Read Sleep and Fatloss to learn more about how important this is.
    1. Go to bed earlier.
    2. Avoid screens before bed.
    3. Have a bedtime routine (skincare, dim lights, stretching, reading, etc)
    4. Have your alarm go off at the same time every day.  Our bodies thrive on consistency in all things.
  2. Eliminate caffeine intake in the afternoon.  Drinking caffeine in the afternoon can affect your sleep cycles which then perpetuates the afternoon slump cycle.  Read more about the effects of caffeine HERE.
  3. Don’t bandaid your afternoon slump with sugar.  Sugar intake can lead to a very short-lived boost of energy followed up with a big CRASH.  Read Not All Carbs are Created Equal to learn how our bodies process and use simple VS complex carbs. Consider implementing more complex carbs into your breakfast and lunch for more sustained energy.
  4. Give your body time to adapt to eating macro balanced. This is a new way of eating and it takes time and consistency to see change.  Have patience and those changes will come!

Start thinking about how much better you’ll feel mid-day and use that motivation to commit to the tips above.​​​​​​​

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