Where to focus your efforts on your nutrition.
Macro Counting

The Hierarchy of Nutrition Priorities

Are you tired of seeing friends and family members sold on the latest miracle supplement?  We are too.

Every person should know the following basic principles when it comes to nutrition priorities.  

(Ordered from MOST Important to LEAST).

  1. Calories.  Please do not confuse this for “Just eat less.”  Yes, fat loss REQUIRES a calorie deficit, but you likely can eat far more than you think, so long as you abide by #2.  Watch THIS SHORT VIDEO to learn more.
  2. MACROS.  The basis for our entire nutrition program!  Click HERE to learn the basics.
  3. Micronutrients.  Yes, nutrient dense food matters!  Prioritize eating veggies, whole grains, dairy, nuts and lean meats. Read more about how not all carbs are created equal HERE.
  4. Meal Timing/Frequency.  A lot can be done to curb hunger by appropriately timing meals.  If you’re an athlete curious about nutritional timing, CLICK HERE.
  5. Supplements.  Supplements are NOT a shortcut to conquer goals in pill or powder form.  They are meant to supplement (hence the word) a solid nutrition program.  Read more about the supplements we use and recommend most HERE.

Now that you know where you can find the most success when it comes to your nutrition, prioritize accordingly!

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