Nutritional Timing: What Should I Eat Before and After My Workout?

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Have you ever walked out of the gym feeling like death?  On more occasions than I would like to admit, I have found myself struggling to make it through the day to take care of my little ones.  Women are notorious for running our bodies into the ground.  We are chaffering kids to and from school and activities, sword fighting with one hand while loading laundry with the other, and if your kids are anything like mine you are defying death by legos one trip to the bathroom at a time.

Mom life is already hard enough.  When we fail to properly fuel our bodies for the work we are demanding our bodies to do each and every day, we can cause more harm than good by leaving for the gym.

How to fuel your body for optimal performance and recovery from StayFitMom.comKrista and I have ALWAYS preached nutrition first, gym second.  Weight loss is 80% nutrition, 10% working out, and 10% rest.  FUEL that body properly for optimal results.

Pre workout meal:
60-90 minutes before working out eat a meal with a 1:1 ratio of protein and carbs that’s low in fat.  Fats are harder for the body to digest, and we don’t want your body working any harder than it has to during your workout!  When we say 1:1 ratio we mean, 25g of protein, 25g of carbs OR 30g of protein paired with 30g of carbs, etc.  Stick with grams that fit into your macros for the day, while maintaining that 1:1 ratio. 

Egg whites and oatmeal have been very effective for me personally.  You could also do Canadian bacon with toast, etc.

If you workout within 45 minutes of waking (5AM 0r 6AM), you can work out fasted.  Your fuel for your workout will be your final meal of the day before bed.

BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids):
You want to sip on your BCAA Pre-workout before and during your workout.  If you’ve never taken BCAA’s and wondering why they’re important for women’s bodies, check out The ABC’s of BCAA’s and Why Women need them.

Post workout:
Within 30 min of working out we recommend drinking a protein shake with either the Glycofuse (read about this in our Supplements for Macros post) or a banana. This again is 1:1 ratio.  The body is breaking down muscle and glycogen stores during training.  It’s important to replenish those stores as soon as possible.  If you expect your body to perform at an optimal level, than you need to prioritize recovery and nutrition.

Post-Post workout:
Your post workout meal (when you get home from the gym), should consist of a balanced meal of carbs, protein and fats.

How to fuel your body for optimal performance and recovery from

We hope this helps your performance and leads to fantastic results.

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