Meal Prep Tips and Tricks

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Let’s talk practical meal prep tips and tricks that you can implement TODAY that will help you reach your goals! First, let’s just acknowledge that there aren’t enough hours in the day. If your life is anything like mine you’ve got kids running in all different directions for activities which means cooking a meal from scratch every night just isn’t realistic. 

Tip number 1: Devise a plan and order your groceries in advance. You’ll want to have all the items on hand that you’ll need in order to prep for your week.  Whether you’re using our 5 day meal prep cookbooks or large batch cooking protein that can be transformed into different meals during the week, planning and prepping ahead is ESSENTIAL. You can be spontaneous in other areas of your life, but hitting your macros requires you to be a planning ninja.

The Stay Fit Mom Meal Prep Cookbook!

Tip number 2: Try new recipes to keep things fun. No one wants to eat the same thing every single week and Don’t you dare prepare food you don’t look forward to eating. We’ve got SO MANY options for you here. Start HERE with some of our free Macro Friendly recipes. If you want new recipes to your inbox every month you’d love our Monthly Macro Meals.

Tips and Tricks to help you succeed with your fat loss goals.

Tip number 3: Make a double batch and freeze one for next week. You’ve already done the hardest part with prepping and planning, might as well double the recipe so you’ll have one more meal you won’t have to think about next week. Check out our Macro Meals to Double and Freeze post!

Tip number 4: Don’t forget food quality.  Getting your veggies in each and every day should be a priority and sometimes that can slip past us. Get some tips for increasing your vegetable intake HERE.

Tips and Tricks to help you succeed with your fat loss goals.

Instead of mindlessly scrolling, devote 30 minutes to planning.  With a little bit of up front prep you’ll avoid the drive thru and stick to your goals, which in turn will help your waistline and your bank account!

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