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Losing 70+ Pounds Counting Macros

Many people used to believe that counting macros was just for body builders and that it couldn’t/ shouldn’t be used for someone who has a significant amount of weight to lose. In fact, we often get emails from clients that ask this sincere question,

“Can you help me even though I have over 70 lbs of weight to lose?”

The answer is YES, we absolutely can help you lose the weight you need to by counting macros and NO, you shouldn’t do any extreme calorie deficit/ food elimination diet to try and “speed things along.” Feeling urgency to lose the weight is wise. Trying to find a way to shortcut to the process is foolish. There isn’t a quick fix, but there is CERTAINLY HOPE.

Today we are filling you with hope with an amazing client spotlight featuring Mariesha Braley! Let’s hear what this wise woman has to say about living this out.

How I lost 70lbs counting macros.

SFM: I’d love to know more about you and why you originally signed up for Stay Fit Mom macro coaching. What kind of things made weight loss hard for you prior to SFM? How long have you been in our program?

Mariehsa: When I was pregnant with my second baby, my weight gain soared. Very quickly after the birth, I knew I had to do something about it because I wasn’t losing weight…in fact, I was putting weight
back on! I had previously done macros with SFM before and had great success with it…so I knew it was a program that worked for me. There were so many pieces of my life that were out of my control, such as sleep and schedule, but I knew that the one thing that I could control was my
food. So, in July 2020 and at 5 weeks postpartum I signed up…so, I’m closing in on a year and half with SFM!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​SFM: Aside from losing 70 pounds (which is AMAZING!!) what NSV’s have you experienced over the last few years?

Mariesha: The first thing that comes to mind is clothes. Over this 70lb loss, I’ve dropped into smaller sizes and that is the best feeling. I’ve purged so many clothes from my closet that I don’t have much left in there…which is a nice problem to have! I also started working out consistently in Summer2021, so I’m probably in the best shape I’ve ever been in. But the NSV that has most taken me by surprise is that my weight loss journey has inspired others to take steps towards their own goals and that delights me so much!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​SFM: What do you do for work?

Mariesha: I am a SAHM! I used to have a big fancy career working for the Department of Defense, but I stay at home with my littles now!

SFM: What do you like to do for exercise? How often do you exercise?

Mariesha: When I first started with SFM, I just walked and tried to get in 10k steps a day. After eight months of just walking, I signed up for Orange Theory and tried to go 2-3 times a week. It was a great workout, but I needed a gym with childcare. So, I transitioned to Lifetime Fitness and it has been amazing. I love going to classes because I just show up and the coach tells me what to do! I do the Alpha classes at Lifetime Fitness…and those classes are a lot like CrossFit, so lifting weights and cardio conditioning. I’ve worked up to consistently going 5 times a week.

How I lost 70lbs counting macros.

SFM: What are your current macros?

Mariesha: So, I’m currently in a macro cut, so my numbers are C:196 F:69 P:160.

SFM: Coach Kirstin says you have been SO consistent and steady throughout this process. What keeps you so disciplined? You could come up with so many reasons to not stick to the plan and yet you still do. Share your secrets with us!

Mariesha: I thrive on clear goals and expectations. When I started with SFM, my goal was to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and I knew that would take at least a year. Because it was such a “long game” any missed day would drag that year out even further…so I have been highly motivated to hit my numbers and have been very choosy about having missed days. I have also reoriented my life and schedule around my goals. I am ruthlessly protective of my schedule so I can get in my workouts and am shameless about bringing food with me to an event if I need to.

SFM: How has your macro journey impacted other areas of your life?

Mariesha: There is a mental discipline that you develop when you do the small and unglamorous things every day. Weighing your food and planning your macros is unglamorous, but it fosters a mindset that if you are consistent with the small things, there will be a big impact. Because of my macro journey, I’ve been able to apply this mindset in the fitness area. I’ve never been athletic…but what if I show up to the gym 5 times a week and do what the coach says? I just wonder what will my body is capable of? And it has been so exciting to watch my body get stronger and do the
movements with more ease.

How I lost 70lbs counting macros.

SFM: What do you love most about having a macro coach?

Mariesha: One of the reasons I chose SFM is because, as a mom, I get weary of figuring out how to do all the things all the time. Having a coach takes out all the guesswork and research you would have to do to be successful on your own. But beyond that, the thing I appreciate the most is howCoach Kirstin encourages me after a hard week, validates how difficult this can be and cheers me on into the next week. She pushes me little by little beyond what I think I’m capable of and I’m so grateful! It’s not just about getting a new set of macro numbers every week, its about someonecoming along side you in the journey and walking with you to meet your goals…I couldn’t have come this far without Coach Kirstin!

How I lost 70lbs counting macros.

SFM: Any advice for anyone considering trying to count their macros?

Mariesha: Do it! Counting macros with SFM is the most sustainable and enjoyable way to change your body composition and lose weight. Sign up for the 6 week program and just see how doing the little things every day add up to big changes!

Interested in macro nutrition coaching? Learn more about our program and get registered today!

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