What to do When You Fall off the Macro Counting Bandwagon

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I am good for an epic fall about once a year.  The Walmart Parking Lot Slide, The Tortilla Chip Debacle, the Stairway Stumble, The Fred Meyer Thanksgiving Fumble…ask my family about any of these and laughter ensues. 

I have also taken my fair share of figurative stumbles in my 41 years.  Many have left me laid out, tired, bloodied and stumbling to get back to my feet.  Some, I have touched a knee down and bounced right back up. 

One of my favorite things about Stay Fit Mom is this honest band of women encouraging each other toward the common goals of health and strength.  The check ins that detail a great week of successes and hitting 7/7 green days are awesome and inspiring.  But, sometimes the check ins that are most inspiring are from the women that say, “I had an awful week, but I am here, I am checking in and I am going to crush next week.” 

The Stay Fit Mom women share their struggles with life and their macro journeys.  We have women from all seasons of life and we are better together.  It amazes me every day to watch these women keep getting back up and continuing to encourage each other.

We all fall down.  We all need a do over sometimes.  It is easy to be courageous when you have killed it.  It is hard when you fall down.  Where are you today?  Are you knocked down and out of breath?  Has it been a rough day, week, month, or year?

In its simplest terms, success is getting up one more time than you fall.  So if you are down, take a deep breath, say a prayer and GET BACK UP.  Take three strong steps and you will be moving forward again. 

What to do when you're failing your diet hard. #stayfitmom #macrodiet #macrocounting

Macros are the same.  If you fell off the wagon, get back on.  If you can string three days together, you are on your way back to success!  Log into My Fitness Pal and plan three days of food.  Fill up your water bottle and get back to work.  If you have fallen out of your gym routine, make a plan to go three days and you will be back in the rhythm before you know it.  You just have to GET BACK UP AGAIN.  If you need a hand or a word of encouragement, we are here for you.  You’ve got this and we’ve got you.

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