Finding Strength In Numbers

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Have you ever attempted something new by yourself an failed?  Odds are you have.  If you’ve tried losing weight on your own and ended up flat on your face, it’s ok to ask for help.  If I could only give you one piece of advice before you try and make some major lifestyle changes, it would be not to do it alone.Why sticking to a weight loss program is so much easier when you do it with others. Contact us for more info on macro counting and our exclusive FB group.

  • When my family started a women’s ‘Phat Club’ back in the college days I called Tracy and invited her to join us. Those seriously were the days!  We got together every 2 weeks for a healthy meal and girl time.  We even did a few girl trips to Cali!
    Phat Club
  • When Tracy crossed over to the dark side and started Crossfitting she invited me over for a neighborhood WOD.  I almost died running 1 mile for time and even peed myself but somehow I still fell in love with it.
  • When Tracy decided that starting a health and fitness blog would be a fun new adventure she called me and asked me to be her partner.
  • When Tracy wanted to try out a round of Whole30 she sent me a text and invited me to do it also.
  • When Tracy heard about macro counting she came over to my house and we calculated our starting macros together.

After writing all the above I just don’t know what I would have done without Tracy all these years!Join our weight loss support group
Creating the Stay Fit Mom Blog has been a tremendous accomplishment for us both and it has been more successful in these 2 short years than we ever imagined! Our second greatest accomplishment has been the creation of our support groups on Facebook.  We started a free Whole30 Support Group last January and it’s already got over 2,500 members!  We recently started a free Macro Nutrition Support Group and it’s growing quickly also.  My point here is, you shouldn’t try to do anything that’s important to you alone.

When Tracy and I started seeing amazing, quick results with macro counting we knew we needed to share it with other women who were still struggling to lose some baby weight or who just needed to make a change.  We had this brilliant idea that we could do just that, REALLY help other women with counting their macros.

We reached out to 12 women we thought would be crazy enough to trust us and let us coach them before we took on actual paying clients (duh!).  Can I just say, these 12 women CHANGED us.  They taught us how important having a support system really is, how emotional we women truly are, how we are our own worst critic, how everyone has different connections with food, how some days are just harder than others, and the list goes on.  These women all started in different places and had different goals, but they all came together and supported each other every single day.  We are so grateful to these special women who we have come to know and love!  Join our weight loss support group
Maybe you’re strong willed and don’t feel like you need any extra help?  That’s great, it can be done on your own.  But I promise you that communicating with the same women each day who share the same common goal is empowering and keeps you motivated to stick with it.  Most of the girls I coached in our first group were strangers to me.  In fact, I met Michelle for the first time in person for these photos.  After spending nearly 2 months communicating with her on Facebook I felt like I knew her.  What an awesome experience it is to develop friendships with new women from all over the WORLD.  I look forward to meeting new women each new round of coaching and I have a true belief that there are strength in numbers!

Our coaching services are conducted through a private Facebook group and include one-on-one nutrition counseling tailored to your diet, macro adjustments as needed, meal ideas, as well as high levels of accountability and support. For more information visit our page here.

A huge thank you to Nate Grant  of TNG Photography.  Nate has consistently exceeded our expectations during each photo shoot.  He is professional, hilarious, and prides himself on meeting his clients’ needs for every occasion.  TNG Photography specializes in creating timeless portraits of families of all sizes, head shots, and high school senior portraits. Visit: for more information.
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