Long Term Success with Macros

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Are long term results possible with macro counting? We get this question often. The answer is absolutely. Today we want to share a client spotlight with you from one of our Ninjas that has counted macros on and off for 5 YEARS without rebound weight gain. Meet Alexis! We hope her story will answer a lot of your questions and inspire you to persevere.

Tell us a little bit about your story. Work? Married? Kids? What does a typical day in your life look like?

Alexis: Hi, my name is BG (Alexis) Nead! Backstory on my name: When I was born my parents didn’t have a name for me and in order to leave the hospital you have to have one. So they named me Baby Girl (BG) Bogart. When I was 3 months old, they legally changed my name to Alexis, but I have always gone by BG and Alexis professionally.

Losing the weight and keeping it off for 5+ years!

I am an active mom of 2 (Maddox 7, Cameron 5) and married to my husband, Aaron. I work full time for my family’s business in the pet industry and always have a jam-packed day, working, volunteering at the kid’s school and all the after-school sports you can imagine. My typical day begins while everyone is still sleeping at 4:15am, which gives me enough time for a cup of coffee and a quick drive to the gym for a 5am HIIT class. When I get home, there is more coffee followed by making breakfast for all and getting everyone out the door. I then go to my home office to work for the day and plan for dinner that night.

You’ve just celebrated your 5 YEAR MACROversary! Congratulations! What do you have to say to those people that think Macro Tracking is a fad?

Alexis: My macro journey started 5 years ago! I originally found Stay Fit Mom after my son was born in 2016 and I was looking to lose the baby weight. At that time, I googled “weight loss while breastfeeding” – up popped Stay Fit Mom and at this time Krista & Tracy were doing Whole 30. Even with that eating lifestyle they were real, and I felt a part of a community who understood what I was going through. Flash forward 2 years to after I had my daughter and went back to their website to get some encouragement and I see information on Macro counting. This was extremely intriguing because it was regular food and little to no restrictions. I had made a deal with myself early on that I would work at losing the weight but refused to restrict myself (as I had done many times in the past) – a lifestyle is what I was looking for and oh boy did I find it. I was absolutely terrified of losing my milk supply while trying to lose weight and BOOM there was a story about a member (now a current coach) that was rocking macros WHILE breastfeeding and WHILE losing weight and GAINING muscle. It was right then I signed up for the 6 week coaching session with Krista as my coach. Best money I ever spent!

This way of eating is most definitely not a fad diet and is one that balances your body by eating all types of foods…even carbs! Macro counting is not a sprint, it is a marathon.

Losing the weight and keeping it off for 5+ years!

What’s been the biggest mental battle with macro tracking the last 5 years?

Alexis: That dang scale! While SFM is extremely good about educating on how our body composition will change and to not be too concerned about the scale, it still messes with me. Even though I know good and well to focus on my progress photos and measurements, the scale still taunts me. For example, my current weight difference from when I started to now is only about 8 pounds. But in photos, it is so much more of a difference in muscle gain and body composition.

We know that you’ve taken breaks with macro tracking along the way. How were you able to maintain your habits while not tracking vigilantly?

Alexis: SFM works very hard on educating why macro counting is so important for your body. Through my 5 years I have learned so much about the right choices to make even when not tracking. I typically focus on protein above anything else, while still eating carb and fat. Because of all I learned I have never gone off the rails while not tracking! I’ve still got some work to do, but I love the journey that is macros!

Losing the weight and keeping it off for 5+ years!

You’ve taken breaks, but also come back on and off along the way. What’s been your favorite thing about your experience with SFM?

Alexis: I have so many favorite things about my time with SFM, but I will keep it two. My first is learning the mantra “Consistency over perfection”. This has helped me so much over the years while weighing or choosing foods – if I keep it consistent, I don’t beat myself up about being perfect. My second is how empowering it is to understand what fuels your body…properly. This experience has made me so much more confident in my skin and I get to share it with my family, especially my kids. We all eat the same food and that right there is a huge reason macro counting works – it is real food!

Losing the weight and keeping it off for 5+ years!

Tell us about your experience working with Coach Heather specifically.

Alexis: While I have been lucky enough to work with a few different coaches, I have been working with
Coach Heather more recently. Coach Heather and I were clients together and she was always so encouraging in the group while on her journey. When I came back from taking some time off, I was so excited to get her as a coach. She has been encouraging, supportive and has helped me through my past and current struggles. It is so helpful to be on this journey and held accountable by someone who truly understands as they have already been and may currently be in the same boat as you.

What Coach Heather has to say about working with Alexis:

Heather: I love working with Alexis!! Her consistency has been incredible and she is a great example of how counting macros is sustainable long term!  Alexis has been able to track macros on her own at times and then come back and hit it hard when she has goals to achieve and needs accountability.  She looks incredible and has made so much progress in the five years she has been with SFM.  We are currently working on increasing her macros to help her build more muscle and I’m excited to see how more food while strength training changes her body composition even more.

Macro Counting isn’t a fad. You’ll learn so much about food and yourself along the way. Want to learn more about our 1:1 coaching program? We’d love to help. Click HERE.

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