Diet Fatigue

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Have you noticed your consistency with your diet slipping? Are you having a hard time staying motivated? Constantly trying to recommit to your plan? You may be experiencing diet fatigue. In this post we’ll discuss what it is and what to do.

The best way to approach a time of weight loss, is to spend a significant amount of time NOT trying to lose weight.

It may seem counterintuitive- the more time committed to something the better the results, right?

But not with weight loss. 

Many of us have been chasing weight loss for a long time. And however we approach it, losing fat requires being in a calorie deficit. And that means we’re going to face hunger, saying no to fun things and feeling torn in our choices.

After a while, this becomes extremely difficult and our consistency and adherence to our macros or diet takes a nosedive. We find ourselves having frequent untracked days. Our weekends get sloppy. We lose motivation. We are constantly having to recommit to the plan.

It’s often here that our weight plateaus and we think the plan is no longer working.

This is diet fatigue and it is real and it is KILLER to our weight loss goals.

Diet Fatigue explained and what to do!

The best thing we can do to combat this, is to spend time eating MORE. Raise your macros, get out of that deficit and spend time at maintenance. Stop having to say no to everything, be able to fit in eating out and desserts and fun things with your kids etc etc etc. Even if you don’t FEEL hungry, that’s not the only problem when facing diet fatigue. It’s alllll the other lifestyle changes and sacrifices that go with it. We mentally get SO TIRED of that, and end up throwing in the towel way more.

So if you’ve been trying to diet for years, or ANY significant amount of time, and you’re no longer seeing results, your consistency has decreased, and you can’t hit your macros every day of the week, week after week, it’s time to eat more and take a break!

And if you’re planning a cut, or significant calorie deficit in the coming months, get more food freedom in NOW.

It is NOT some metabolism HACK. Eating more now will not mean you won’t have to lower your calories as much later when you enter back into a period of weight loss later. It just means you are mentally giving yourself a break in order to be more successful in the future.

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