25 Days of Macros

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We are ecstatic to announce we are doing our second annual Stay Fit Mom 25 Days of Macros Challenge!  It was such huge hit last year, and we personally loved the accountability, we’ve decided to do it again. The only difference is this year we’ve added a little extra incentive to complete it!  So as you’re stuffing yourself with turkey and pie the next few days you can mentally prepare for this fun challenge to start on Monday!

This is the most challenging time of year to stay committed and hit your macros, so we want to help motivate you to do so.  Let’s avoid the few extra pounds most people put on during these next few weeks attending holiday party after holiday party. Commit to staying on track and you’ll be so glad you did!

This challenge is open to everyone, however any of our current clients who complete this challenge will be entered to win a $100 Lululemon gift card!  Here’s the details:

As all our current and past clients know, hitting your macros within range means within 5g (+/-) both carbs and protein, and 2g (+/-) fat.

If you have completed a 6 week macro coaching group with us before and want to jump in with our Ninja returns for this challenge email us today! We’d love to have you back and help you get a jump start on your 2018 goals! If you have not joined one of our groups yet, you can still join in on this challenge, you just won’t be entered to win the Lululemon gift card. For more information about our upcoming coaching groups go here.

calculating your macros

***For a 1 time macronutrient prescription($30) contact us here.

To stay up to date on how the challenge is going make sure to follow us @StayFitMom_com and @StayFitMomBlog on Instagram and checkout the hashtag #SFM25daychallenge!

Don’t forget to join our free Macro Nutrition Facebook group here where we are happy to help with any questions, give meal ideas, support, and much more!

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