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Stay Fit Mom is home to so many inspiring women that we’ve come to know and love, but we’ve only been able to meet a handful of them in person. Last summer, Kathleen attended our More Than Macros Retreat and we instantly became friends. It is with great joy I get to introduce you to a woman I’ve coached for a year.

Her transformation has been incredible, but her positivity throughout is what continues to inspire me week after week!

Losing weight with macros.

SFM: When did your weight loss journey begin?

Kathleen: Like many others, my journey began throughout most of my adult life. The older I became, the more challenging it was to lose weight.  Once I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, it was taking an extremely long time to see any results. In the fall of 2018, my endocrinologist had a heart to heart with me, as my weight skyrocketed, gaining over 20 lbs in that year.  I stumbled across Stay Fit Mom by happenstance when I decided to give macros a try. A client posted on the social media thread and I checked it out. I convinced myself that I would not be accepted in the program because of my history.

SFM: You have been so consistent and steady throughout this process.  What keeps you going?

Kathleen: Quite honestly, it is the progress pictures. I saw a little success on the scale initially, believe me, taking pictures was something that I was absolutely terrified to do. However, after a few weeks, other people started commenting on the pictures.  I assumed they were being polite and that women just used the trite expressions like “Your pictures look so good!” or “ “Wow that side profile shows a lot of change!” It was then that I stopped being so critical of every flaw I perceived on my imperfect body. From that moment, I thrived on that success.  In turn, came the ill-fitting clothing and sense of pride from my success.

Losing weight with macros.

SFM: How has your macro journey impacted other areas of your life?

Kathleen: Well, I have found myself having more confidence.  Initially, I feared challenging myself in the gym(HIIT workouts, boxing, personal training). I began talking myself into running faster on the treadmill or using heavier weights. I have a lot of patience for my journey, too.  I set realistic goals for my body and for my fitness and am uninhibited.

SFM: Have the habits you’ve picked up since counting macros rubbed off on your family? What do they think of it?

Losing weight with macros.

Kathleen: Without a doubt, my husband has been my biggest supporter.  He believed in me when I did not believe in myself. He respected and admired my dedication, as I focused on my goals.  Many nights, he would weigh things for me or suggest a macro-friendly restaurant. My friends also respect my journey and determination.  Many have said they wished that they held the same dedication as I.

SFM: What are the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome when it comes to sticking to the plan?

Kathleen: For me, it was being okay with not meeting my numbers and enjoying a night out with family or friends.  It was the realization that I should not avoid all situations where I may not have control of my numbers. I am, by nature, a planner. 

SFM: What keeps you signing up for coaching over and over again?

Kathleen: In addition to my own success, it is the community I gained being a part of SFM.  Tracy is phenomenal! She is everything one can dream of in a coach. Actually, I had the pleasure of meeting most of the coaches at the Ninja Retreat and must say, each is just as wonderful as the next. All of the other women support one another in extraordinary ways, especially for being “virtual” friends.

Losing weight with macros.

SFM: I know you’re very active and enjoy the gym.  How has tracking macros impacted your training?

Kathleen: I know that I am fueling my body for the rigor and difficulty of my workouts.  Obviously, my macros are adjusted based on the level and quantity of my workouts.

SFM: Any advice for anyone considering trying to count their macros?

Kathleen: Give it an honest effort.  Commit to it! It may appear to be time consuming, but like any new habit, it takes time.  If you commit, truly give it your all! The best part is that there really are not any foods that are off-limits.  As long as it fits in your numbers, it will work.

A big THANK YOU to Kathleen for sharing her inspirational story with us! We look forward to seeing where 2020 takes you!

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