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Is your pet part of the family?  I always joke that if my husband had to choose between me and the dog, I’d no doubt get the boot.  I rave all over my Instagram account about my two boys, but it’s time for you to formally meet our first born.  Meet Nadia Spoiled Girl Gifford.  She’s a 6 year old golden retriever that never misses a beat.

Staying active with the family dog from

Nadi has tugged at our heart strings since the day we brought her home.  Yes, she sheds and I’ll never forget the time she ate our entire dinner off of the counter before I could plate the meal, but we can’t imagine life without her.  Nadi’s been with us through so many life events; from bringing our newborn home from the hospital, to staring down a bear at our last camping trip.  Life with Nadi around is full.

The family that workout with their dog together, stays together.

This week we programmed a workout that you can do with your family dog!  I love seeing my neighbors out and about running with their four legged friends.

Each week you see Krista and I featured in the Stay Fit Mom Weekly Workouts, but this week my husband was excited to take the reigns.  There really is nothing like the relationship between a man and his dog.

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Weekly Workout:

  • 400 Meter Run (With your family dog, of course)
  • 50 Push-ups (While your dog lays down beside you)
  • 50 Air squats (While your dog stands)
  • 50 Sit-ups (While your dog sits down beside you)
  • 400 Meter Run (With your dog running beside you)CrossFit workout with the family dog from!

Equipment Needed:

  • If you’d like to keep track of your time, a Timer.  (We frequently use the MYWOD app and recommend it to our readers.  You can keep track of your workouts, they’ve got How To videos, and of course the app has great timers.)
  • Don’t forget your four legged friend!!

Modification Options:

  • Be sure to modify this at-home workout to your ability level.  You can always shorten the amount of repetitions or reduce the run to 200 meters if you need to.  Our goal at Stay Fit Mom is that you finish your workouts feeling accomplished, not defeated!  Be sure to check out our Perfect Push-up post for full instructions and proper ways to modify the push-up.

Begin the workout by taking your furry friend on a 400 meter run.  Upon returning from the run, complete 50 push-ups.  If you want this to be a training session for your pup, have him or her lay down for as long as possible while you complete the push-ups.  If your dog gets up, take a quick break, correct her, and continue.  After the push-ups, you’re going to complete 50 air squats.  Have your dog stand next to you, while you complete your air squats.  Be sure to hit proper depth on your squats, with your hip crease dropping below your knee crease.   After the air squats, you’ll move on to the sit-ups.  Have your dog sit next to you for the duration of your sit-ups!  After you complete all the sit-ups, it’s time to get your pup moving again.  Finish up the workout by taking your dog on a 400 meter run.  Remember this workout is all about getting your family dog involved and having a good time!

Nadi isn’t exactly the young pup she once was.  She turned 6 years old this year and keeping her healthy with quality dog food like PEDIGREE® Adult Dry Dog Food is a priority.  When you purchase PEDIGREE® products at Sam’s Club during the month of October, the PEDIGREE® brand will donate a bowl of food to a dog in need.  You can find PEDIGREE® in the pet food section at Sam’s Club.

Help a dog in need by purchasing PEDIGREE® dog food in the month of October! #latershelter

Want to help more shelter dogs in need?  Upload a photo of the dog you love to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #LaterShelter for a chance to be featured on The PEDIGREE® brand will donate a bowl of food for every upload.

We hope you have a great time with your pup in your workout this week!  We’d love to hear all about your life with your family dog.  Let us know in the comments below what kind of dog you have and what your favorite activities are to do together.  You can read more heartfelt stories on the Pedigree social hub.  We’d love to hear your stories too!

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  1. Nadi must LOVE all of the extra exercise and attention 🙂 She’s lucky to have your family! #cleint