Top Tips from the SFM Coaching Staff

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While at our 2022 SFM Coaches’ Retreat, I asked each coach, “If you had just one piece of advice to share with your macro counting sisterhood, what would it be?”

These coaches have both years of macro counting AND years of macro coaching experience, so I was anxious to hear what their one liners would be. If you need a pep talk, check out these top tips from our coaches. 

Top macro counting tips from the SFM staff

Lindsay: Meal prep doesn’t have to look like Pinterest!  You don’t need the fancy containers or hours and hours of time.  Make meal prep work for your own lifestyle.

Heather: The scale is just one piece of data.  Work on your relationship with it, but more importantly focus on how you feel!

Top macro counting tips from the SFM staff

Mariesha: Counting Macros is a long game.  When you reframe your mindset and realize that it’s a long game, it takes a lot of the pressure off!

Jamie:  Be compassionate with yourself. This is a learning journey and you will have missteps, but if you do have a misstep, the best thing to do is to think about what is the next step you’re going to take.  Are you going to take another misstep or can you reorient yourself and take a step in the direction you want to go on your macro journey?

Top macro counting tips from the SFM staff

Kirstin: Don’t rely on motivation.  Do the thing, and watch motivation follow.

Lee Ann: This is about so much more than losing weight or looking great in a bikini. This is about learning life long habits to take good care of yourself and to train those you love to do the same.l

Chelsea: Don’t worry about what anybody else says or thinks! Your nutrition is your business.

Top macro counting tips from the SFM staff

Virginia: Focus only on today. All big accomplishments are a results of the small daily habits that you prioritize on a consistent basis.

Krista: Just buy the cookbooks!  We specialize in making macros as easy as possible for you and the cookbooks do just that!

Cassie: Don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s.

Top macro counting tips from the SFM staff

Stacy: Always remember that tomorrow is a new day!  Even if today doesn’t go the way you planned, you can always start fresh tomorrow!

Courtney: Keep working!  Quitting isn’t going to yield results any faster, and it isn’t going to produce a certain number on the scale.  Just keep pressing forward and embrace the journey.  There’s no time limit!

Whitney: Macros doesn’t have to be all or nothing or all the time. It gives you the power, control, and freedom to execute against goals when you are ready to commit and do the work. I never have to feel powerless about how to feel amazing.

Laura: It’s going to take longer than you think or want to reach your goals but consistency trumps intensity.

Top macro counting tips from the SFM staff

Taeya: Get rid of the “Be Skinny” mindset.  Trade skinny for strong and feeling good!  With that you’ll feel more confident and proud of yourself as your body starts to make those changes!

Kristi: Knowing how to fuel your body well is a vital skill! Tracking macros gives you the knowledge to know what is in your food. Embrace this as a journey to build a nutritional foundation for the rest of your life! Even if you decide later that you don’t want to track, you will still have the knowledge to fuel your body well. If you lay a strong foundation with nutrition and move your body to feel your best, you will create habits to support the lifestyle you want to live!

Tracy: Use what you’re learning here to trickle over into other areas of your life, specifically speaking, your finances.  You know how to stick to a budget so go apply it to your finances and you’ll reap the benefits in life transforming ways!

Top macro counting tips from the SFM staff

If you need more inspiration and motivation to continue your macro journey, be sure you’re Leveraging our Community.  Check out our Client Spotlights HERE to see how the moms just like you are making this process work for their lives.

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