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Coach Whitney here. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the season of life I’m in and my own macro journey.  To be completely honest, I’m struggling.  I have taken a new job at work.  We are under contract on a new home.  I haven’t sold my current one yet.  There is A LOT going on.  Finding the time and dedication to my macro journey is something that I am struggling with on a daily basis, but with that struggle my eyes have been opened through client check ins and other women in this community.  I am amazed and inspired by the absolute RESOLVE some of our clients have.  More than anything, I tried to do some reflection to prepare for this to figure out how do I draw some of that FROM them to HELP MYSELF?!  

There are women in this program right now that are dealing with unimaginable loss and unimaginable hardship.  They are taking care of families that have struggles and challenges and every string is pulling them in a selfless direction, yet every week they check in and they are KILLING IT.  

What an amazing community we have!  It’s NOT about what “I can’t do” or why “I can’t do something that somebody else is doing.”  It’s learning and growing from each other.  Using this community together and being those partners for each other.

I recently had a client voice this concern, 

“I just don’t have a support network around me on this journey right now.”

succeeding with macro counting through community

To which I responded, “YES YOU DO.  You have an entire team of Ninjas!  You have to find people that are going through this journey with you to partner up with.”

The coaches that started coaching right around the same time that I did have become MY PEOPLE.  Every time I am struggling, I know I have a group of people that I can come to with my struggles and being able to say that to people that understand has SO much POWER!  

This is our PSA to you.

There are so many amazing women in this group and I want each of you to leverage that and make relationships with each other. Nutrition and how it impacts your life is incredibly powerful but also vulnerable.  Don’t just check in with your coach once a week.  Check in on the group and see what other people’s challenges are.  Watch what they’re pushing through and achieving and then reach out to that person and CONNECT.  Ask questions.  Gain wisdom.

A few example of that would be:

“I see that you’re making macros work WHILE traveling for your job and eating at restaurants. Do you have any advice for me?”

“I see that you’re making macros work while working the night shift?  I’m a nurse too.  How do you do it?”

“I see that you have a special needs child at home.  So do I.  How are you doing this?”

This is how we can pull energy and success from the exemplary community we have at the touch of our fingertips.

succeeding with macro counting through community

Build relationships within this community stronger and deeper than you have.  There is so much power in walking this journey with people that are trying to achieve the same goals. Find an accountability buddy and make a commitment to her, which will in turn be a commitment to yourself.

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